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Initial State

Initial State

Data Analytics for the Internet of Things

Nashville, Tennessee, US

saas, data analytics, internet of things, data visualization, tech startup, iot, Internet (Software & Services), data management

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Company Overview

Initial State is an Internet of Things (IoT) data analytics & data management platform company. We turn sensor and event data into information that matters by making it easy to visualize and interact with data from internet connected devices. We believe hobbyists (makers), small companies, and enterprise alike need an easy, affordable means to harness the power of the IoT. Our tools are being used to monitor and analyze robots, home automation systems, manufacturing lines, greenhouses, irrigation systems, cars, servers, weather, hobby projects, and so much more.


The IoT is poised to grow to over 50 billion connected devices and projected to add $1.7 trillion to the global economy by 2019. 92% of that $1.7T is expected to come from software makers and infrastructure companies. The collection of intelligence enabled by the IoT will be the primary driver of this emerging opportunity. Data analytic services built specifically for IoT data are necessary to maximize the value the IoT can provide to individuals and businesses.


Our technology stack was developed to deliver a consistent, secure, and fantastic experience for our users at large scale. RESTful APIs (accessed over HTTPS/TLS 1.2) provide a simple means for users to send and retrieve data to and from our high-performance, high-reliability back-end service (i.e. database, data store) in real-time. Our back-end service is both cost and performance optimized for IoT event data (data with a timestamp) and automatically scales to handle huge bursts in either data ingestion or consumption around the planet.

A set of interactive, real-time data visualizations were built from the ground-up to provide our users a unique and powerful way to visualize their data. Each visualization is accessible via a modern web browser. When paired with our high-performance back-end, users can stream data from their devices and have a near instant transformation of that data into dashboards, waveforms, charts, etc. Our solution can be easily embedded into other websites.

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I’ve seen hundreds of start-ups, so I am not an easy sale. There are three things that encouraged me to invest in Initial State. First is the massive emerging market opportunity at the convergence of two important trends: big data and the Internet of Things. Second, the founders were able to pull together the development talent needed to build a unique, sophisticated product that can scale quickly. And, third they assembled a management team that is demonstrating it knows how to develop the market.
David Furse Investor, Initial State
David Furse
Initial State has succeeded in developing superior methods for IoT data management, analytics, and remotely providing its users with simple and concise information. The application of their product is limitless and adaptable to almost anything.
Tommy Pierce Investor, Initial State
Tommy Pierce
In an evolving and fragmented market like the Internet of Things, the management team at Initial State has identified opportunities to use unique innovation and timely execution to gain relevance, market acceptance and a reputation as a forward thinking technology company.
Rick Kaplan Chief Investment Officer, Legacy Asset Mgmt.
Rick Kaplan
The big winners in IoT are going to be those entities that excel in value creation across IoT's immense ecosystem. That's why we chose to partner with Initial State for real-time visualization of the data processed by Using their platform we deliver the best in class visualization of real-time data and build in agility and resilience to the solutions we offer customers.
Michael Kochanik Chief Revenue Officer, Flow Corporation
Michael Kochanik
We are glad to release our new product onto Initial State’s IoT technology: from day one, we have been amazed by the quality of their platform and by the deep and precise vision of their team regarding the development of IoT.”
Dr. Marc Perron President at Alizem
Dr. Marc Perron
Over the past year, I’ve been involved in a little IoT project to build low cost UPS Battery monitors for cell towers in under-developed countries. Along the way, we’ve experimented with all or most of your competition at one point or another. You guys have really set yourself apart from the rest of the pack where it matters most: after stumbling upon your site, I literally had units logging data in less than ten minutes. Pretty cool, considering the fact that I am not and have never been a developer
Stephen Ashworth Principle at Ashworth Consulting
Stephen Ashworth
Initial State lets you visualize large amounts of device generated data in near real time and in a way that is very familiar to engineers. No longer do I need to capture telemetry data to a flash card then import it to Excel or another tool for later analysis. With Initial State, the telemetry can be built into my product and monitored in real time. At its low cost point, there simply isn't a better alternative.
Ian Lee Chief Architect at EAHCS
Ian Lee
As an Electrical Engineering Consultant I evaluate temperature and humidity sensor data taken in environmental chambers. The Initial State website has enabled me to quickly and effectively analyze and present the results to my clients. I don't need to spend a lot of time worrying about how to display this data.
Gary Noe Electrical Engineer at BandFive Enterprises
Gary Noe


Team Member Name

Adam Reeves

Front-End Development Lead

Team Member Name

Rachel-Chloe Gibbs

Customer Development

Team Member Name

Broc Borntrager

UI Design Lead

Team Member Name

Jeff Loucks

Education Lead

Jeff is the Education Lead at Initial State where he leads all educational programming related to Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and anything internet of things rela... Read More
Team Member Name

Vanessa Magalong

Software Developer


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