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Accounting software for data-driven businesses

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Company Overview

We pair customers with a full team of accounting, tax, and business experts who work directly with the customer and each other to build a comprehensive, long-term strategy for their financial performance and compliance necessities.

Customers are able to access the financial data they need anytime, anywhere via an accounting dashboard that automatically updates to provide a comprehensive picture of where their business stands at any given moment.

Our founder-friendly software brings their finances together so they can manage them from anywhere via a cloud interface. Get a snapshot of the company’s financial health, review key financials, and see value & cost centers at a glance.

We give startups and small to medium-sized businesses their own finance and accounting team. The customers' team will help them understand how much money they have, who they owe and who owes them, their cash runway, and ultimately, the health of their business. We’ll provide the financial reports to deeply understand their business, as well as the reports required by investors, lenders, and other financial stakeholders.

The Company is on track to achieve $14M in revenue and $22M run rate revenue by the end of 2018.

The Company has raised ~$12M in funding from some of the most reknowned investors and VCs in the industry.


184 Employees
Cash Flow Positive
$14,000,000 Sales
770 Users


  • Embarking on unique partnership / bulk customer acquisition strategy with accounting firms (2 being onboarded this year; another 3 in LOI)

    July, 2018
  • inDinero onboards tempCFO, an outsourced provider of high-end corporate CFO and finance services for SMBs

    September, 2017


Kamil Goliszewski
Kamil Goliszewski
Improve Presentation
"inDinero's service is one of the reasons we can afford to be 100% engineering hires (no CFO, no admin, no bookkeeper) and not be swamped by tracking finance, onboarding, and reporting."
Tara Mutukisna
Tara Mutukisna
The Town Kitchen
"THANK YOU for your dedication, I really appreciate it! This will really assist us in being able to easily pull accurate P&Ls for investor meetings, etc. AMAZING!"
Chase Adam
Chase Adam
"In our first fiscal year, we grew 1000%...inDinero did an amazing job of keeping track of our books, our accounting, and getting us through our first major audit with an excellent outcome."
Taylor Brown
Taylor Brown
"I wanted to thank you and the inDinero team for such an easy tax process. Super sweet."
David G. Stone
David G. Stone
The Human Expansion Co.
"Because inDinero is cloud-based, I can be on set with a client on the other side of the planet and send an invoice, pay a bill, or submit a batch of expense reimbursements making it easy to keep up with my finances from anywhere."