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The world's most engaging native ad platform, powered by user generated content

San Francisco, California, US

consumer internet, business to business, Advertising & Marketing

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Company Overview

Online advertising is fundamentally broken - advertisers are spending $75B+ per year to reach their audience online, but are getting steadily diminishing returns as users automatically tune out ads by developing 'ad blindness' or by using solutions like AdBlock. That's why we created Imprint.

Imprint ( is the world's most engaging native ad unit. It delivers genuinely enjoyable ad experiences containing original user-generated content, as opposed to typical online ads that users do their best to avoid. Imprint engages its audience 10 times more than the average ad - users spend between 80-160 seconds engaging with an Imprint (vs. < 15s with regular ads) - and delivers 30-50% better performance metrics across viewability, interactions, and message recall. Within 6 months of launching, Imprint is already being used by Amazon, Disney, Com2uS, Sony, ESPN and The Honest Co., with several more Fortune 50 brands in the pipeline.

Imprint creates a fun and non-invasive ad experience by packaging original content created by its own network of expert contributors, along with the brand's promotional assets (images, videos, infographics, social posts etc.) into a customizable unit that adopts the look-and-feel of the page that it's placed on. The original content is in form of posts - discussions comprising a topic related to the advertiser's message along with short opinions from multiple experts. The algorithms powering Imprint generate targeted contextual placements for these units, and collect performance and demographic data to automatically optimize their content and placements. Imprint has a reach of 220M+ unique users and can be plugged into any site, app, ad network, or ad server.

Imprint has been developed by the team at Sidelines Inc., comprising MIT, Berkeley, Penn, Hopkins, and Michigan alums with years of experience at Microsoft, Twitter and theAudience.

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6 new clients onboard in the past quarter, including signing a long-term deal with AOL

December, 2015

Management team comprised of former Microsoft and Apple employees with CS degrees from MIT and Berkeley

July, 2015

Run rate of $1,000,000 within 6 months of launching

August, 2015

Grew distribution network from 15M to 220M+ unique users since Feb 2015

July, 2015

Distribution network includes Cult of Mac, Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Mashable and more

July, 2015


Imprint offers a novel solution to the massive digital problem we all face: poor advertising experiences. People crave unique online experiences about topics that interest them and that's exactly what Imprint provides. It fixes the problem of stale ad platforms with not just technology, but also a human touch.
Rob Maigret CCO at Sphero; Former Senior VP at Disney
Rob Maigret
Imprint replaces ads with engaging, informative content that enriches the reader's experience. The organic connection between the content and the brand generates significantly more impact than a typical display ad.
Dave Nemetz Founder at Bleacher Report
Dave Nemetz
With Imprint, Arka and Marios are completely changing the way brands get their messages in front of users by developing a marketing platform built on the voices of real people and real conversations. Arka and Marios are amazing entrepreneurs -- coachable, hard working, fast moving, and deeply innovative. True winners.
Cody Simms Managing Director at Techstars
Cody Simms


Team Member Name

Patrick Zimmerman

Director of Content

Author of one book and several journal articles and newspaper pieces in the US, Spain, and the UK. Ph.D. (2011) and M.A. (2006) in Social and Cultural Histo... Read More
Team Member Name

Asa Beal

Director of Distribution

Asa Beal was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. There he was sports editor for the Pacemaker-winning newspaper, The Southerner. He attended The Johns Hopki... Read More
Team Member Name

Dean Lake

Managing Editor

Dean Lake is the Managing Editor at Sidelines and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. He is a graduate of Portland State University with a BA in English, an... Read More