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Impact Health

Impact Health

Using data + predictive modeling to make buying health insurance online simple and transparent.

Company Overview

Impact Health is using data + predictive modeling to making buying health insurance online simple and transparent. We’ve developed an algorithm that takes customer data points, such as medications and number of doctor visits to provide consumers transparent costs, and help them choose the best plan. Impact Health is a web platform that removes the pain of selecting and buying health insurance. Our goal is to fully understand the consumer and leverage analytics to predict behaviors and anticipate receptivity.

In the last 6 months, we have become licensed brokers in 20 U.S. states, have 1,100 paying customers, and $13k MRR.

Market: In the U.S. 98 million people (or $14 billion) buy health insurance directly.

Revenue Model: Impact Health earns a commission from health insurers each time someone buys insurance (on average earning $12 per customer per month).




1,100 Users


  • $13,000 Monthly Recurring Revenue

    May, 2016
  • 1,100 Paying Customers

    May, 2016
  • Licensed as a health insurance broker in 20 states

    May, 2016
  • Co-founders previously worked together for 10 years and have 14 years of healthcare industry experience

    May, 2016


Charles Hudson
Charles Hudson
Managing Partner, Precursor Ventures
"Very inspired by Christine and her vision for helping consumers find the right health insurance for their needs."
Birchmere Ventures
Birchmere Ventures
"Great team with relevant domain experience and early customer traction."