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IKIO, leading manufacturer for LED Lighting for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications, with Fair Market Evaluation of $47,400,000

Company Overview

IKIO LED Lighting strives to develop world class products for their customers, serve them sincerely and promote environmental well-being. IKIO promotes honesty, accountability, teamwork, excellence and respect for everyone throughout our company.

IKIO Group is a leading manufacturer of LED Lighting for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications, with operations in India, China and UAE. They deliver the right solutions and value for LED Lighting requirements because of their innovative approach and vertically integrated infrastructure. With a wide range of sustainable products, they have developed a plethora of lighting solutions for Commercial, Industrial and Multi-family Residential and Hospitality applications.

IKIO LED Lighting will target and market its products and services to the largest brands in North America. One of the primary benefits of launching a new location in the U.S. is to be marketed as Made in the USA. A feature many brands demand. While very few if any competitors from can directly compete with IKIO LED Lighting in the U.S. market, there are several well established U.S. and European brands the Company will be competing with.

With a wide range of sustainable products, we have developed a plethora of lighting solutions for Commercial, Industrial and Multi-family Residential and Hospitality applications. Their manufacturing setup incorporates vertical integration and can churn out new generation LED lighting products consistently without compromising quality. Their 6 state-of-the-art manufacturing plants have a combined manufacturing capacity of 10 million fixtures annually. With an in-process rejection rate of less than 0.68%, we have demonstrated that we truly believe in ‘quality over everything’ philosophy. The ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 18001 quality certifications further establish this fact.


  • The IKIO Prima LED UFO High Bay boasts of a stunning 100,000 hours of lighting time. Its unique design incorporates multiple heat sinks for

    November, 2019
  • The Hexacule High Mast Light is designed for areas that require an extra emphasis on safety and security.

    November, 2019
  • IKIO is now an 'Energy Service Affiliate' with NAESCO!

    September, 2019
  • IKIO's RGBW Panel Lights are designed to offer amazing color controls at just a flick of a switch.

    August, 2019
  • IKIO's ExplosionProof range reduces the risk of explosions in enclosed environments while saving its operators energy and maintenance costs.

    August, 2019
  • IKIO's Amparo Area Luminaires feature excellent luminous efficacy and brilliant light controls.

    September, 2018

Pitch Deck

Key Customers & Partners

Schneider Electric H&M Bealls Inc Znergy Inc Accuserv


LED Indy
LED Indy
"As lighting specialists, IKIO helps give my company, LED Indy, a leg up when competing on projects. Their commitment to continual improvement and increased efficiency allow us to win jobs by providing a high quality product to our customers, that arrives on time, is often more efficient or better warranted than our competitors and, is priced appropriately, Thanks to everyone at IKIO for all that you do, we are proud to be Powered by IKIO!"
Negawatt Partners,LLC
Negawatt Partners,LLC
Jay Morris
"We began using IKIO products earlier this year. Excellent products and warranties. Great customer service. Very helpful. I highly recommend them"
Evans Electric
Evans Electric
"IKIO LED Lighting and their staff are a great organization to work with. Their product offerings, quality of LED fixtures and components, and simplicity for ordering separates them from other LED manufacturers and distributors. Their sales team is top notch, professional, and always quick to respond to my questions and inquiries. They offer a tremendous amount of support to their partners and customers! I highly recommend them for any of your LED projects."
"I absolutely love working with Ikio, they are very knowledgeable and on top of it!! The product is top of the line!! We will continue to do more and more business with them in the future!!"
Prestige Energy
Prestige Energy
"Ikio provides excellent service. We had a small issue with shipping but they had it rectified the next day! Would definitely use again. Great to work with."
General Energy Corp
General Energy Corp
"General Energy Corp. turnkey engineering company has been using Ikio LED products since 2018. I like the competitive pricing, quality and above all effective communication."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of IKIO?

The Company’s journey began in 1987 when they started manufacturing rotary switches and potentiometers under the brand of Fine technologies. In just 30 years, they have grown from being a small electronics and component manufacturing operation to a global manufacturing operation.

What are the Objectives of IKIO?

Objectives IKIO LED Lighting will capitalize on the strong U.S. economic conditions by expanding its global brand to the U.S. market. In order to take advantage of this, the Company’s objectives are: • Attract and develop strong partnerships with leading brands • Continue to build on the IKIO LED Lighting brand’s reputation with IKIO LED Lighting • Ensure U.S. operation is sustainable during first three years, maintaining an estimated 41% gross margin while increasing revenue by 10.2%. • Marketing the benefits of labeling their products “Made in USA”

IKIO's Mission

To provide efficient, innovative and high-quality LED lighting solutions through consistent collaboration and innovation; and to do so honestly.

Our Values?

IKIO LED Lighting strives to develop world class products for their customers, serve them sincerely and promote environmental well-being. IKIO promotes honesty, accountability, teamwork, excellence and respect for everyone throughout our company.

What products does IKIO manufacture?

IKIO LED Lighting manufactures hundreds of products including for commercial lighting, industrial lighting, multi-family residential & hospitality lighting, hazardous location lighting, and horticulture lighting. The Company offers top notch products at competitive pricing. IKIO is now considered by many to be the leading U.S. based manufacturer of LED Lighting.

What is the marketing strategy?

IKIO LED Lighting will continue to build on its well-established reputation of producing high quality lighting solutions. The Company will be sure to reach its target market by implementing an effective marketing strategy which includes online advertising, face to face marketing and word-of-mouth efforts within the Industry to help extend the Company name in the U.S. Market. IKIO LED Lighting will also participate in national conventions and trade shows annually to ensure IKIO LED Lighting maintains its relevancy. The Company expects to participate in a handful of events attracting thousands of industry leaders including distributors, retailers, and vendors in the industry.

What is the competition?

The Lighting and Bulb Manufacturing industry has a high market share concentration. The top three major players are expected to account for 72.4% of industry revenue in 2019. Global brand recognition along with established relationships with major customers has enabled this industry to be dominated by several large key players. While large industry players dominate the market for general, all-purpose lighting systems, smaller industry operators tend to specialize in niche product markets, such as green energy products. Over the five years to 2019, industry concentration has fluctuated. At the tail end of the recession, smaller industry operators were unable to remain profitable in the poor economic environment and were either absorbed by larger existing companies or closed their doors altogether. In the years since, a few operators have entered the industry, mostly in the green energy sector. However, the number of industry players still remains below prerecession figures.

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