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iGenezen, Inc.

iGenezen, Inc.

Health Care Where You Are

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Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

The moments in our lives are the most precious asset we have. Yet, when it comes to our health care, most of us blindly accept the status quo. Taking quality, on-demand, health care to the next level is not just about less hassle and wasted time for the end user it s about studying why they are a problem and implementing solutions. With an innovative culture and altruistic vision we envision a future where an appointment with a health care provider does not impede productivity or cause stress.

What Sets Us Apart

Since the dawn of medicine, where we've been treated for our primary health care needs has changed just twice - from the home, to the medical office. Today, we're on the brink of the next great shift: back to the home . iGenezen is the first global house call brand offering an integrated healing experience via an online and mobile scheduling platform; it targets not only the end user, but their employers and the places they do business. Providers can expand their reach and work independently.

Our Keys To Success

To promote a culture based on innovation and altruism. To recruit a logistics team of US veterans with an equal desire to excel, win and change the way this generation thinks about health care. To track key performance initiatives, such as traffic analytics to consistently ebb and flow our operations to adapt to new opportunities. To launch a marketing campaign that exploits social media and capitalizes on viral lift. Construct a flexible, sustainable, and scalable infrastructure.


Landon Cole

Landon Cole

iGenezen, Co-Founder

Growth-oriented problem solver with over a decade-long record of extraordinary success driving high-value revenue and profit gains, large-scale expense savings, and improved organizational productivity and performance. Consistent, documented record of strong, decisive leadership of real estate portfolios ranging from $7 million to $335 million. Noted for sound, practical management centered on ability to lead and motivate teams toward a common goal and vision. My mission in life is to consistently, relentlessly and unapologetically challenge the status quo, solve problems and add radical value that improves quality of life. I'm starting with 'health care where you are' at a health care tech company we call iGenezen.