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Making Real Estate Investing Simple Through Crowdfunding

New York, New York, US

real estate, technology, consumer internet, tech startup

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Company Overview

Why did you start the company?

iFunding ( is the joint creation of William Skelley and Sohin Shah. William attended the prestigious OPM program at Harvard Business School (HBS) where he met HBS professor Clayton Christensen, the World's foremost thinker on disruptive innovation. William joined his hedge fund that invested in companies that fit the theory of disruptive innovation, both public and private. One of the investments the fund made was in a company called CircleUp, the largest equity crowdfunding platform in USA which has raised over $23MM in venture capital money to date.

While working for Dr. Christensen's hedge fund, William realized that real estate industry was ripe for technological innovation, enabling individual investors and smaller institutions to participate in a wide range of investment deals, through an online marketplace offering comparable financial terms to those offered to the most wealthy in the past. We like to say that "iFunding is democratizing the real estate investment process."

Where can I quickly watch more about iFunding?

iFunding was selected as the only real estate crowdfunding website to present on CNBC's Power Pitch. We are proud to gain support from real estate super broker, Dolly Lenz, and CEO of Pantegrion Capital, Alicia Syrett, during this "Shark-Tank-esque" investment panel!

View the CNBC video here:

What sets the company apart?

Compared to other companies and approach that support real estate investments, the crowdfunding approach efficiently supports thousands of investors considering investment in particular projects, and provides extensive documentation and a pre-vetting process to support investors' decision-making. Compared to other real estate crowdfunding companies, iFunding is thought of by our customers as excelling at:


What are your keys to success?



12 Employees
23.16% ROI


iFunding website goes live with its first deal

October, 2013

First time iFunding funds a deal in under a day

October, 2013

iFunding diversifies into offering 'new construction' real estate investments

February, 2014

iFunding diversifies into offering multi-family real estate investments

March, 2014

First time iFunding funds a deal in under one hour

March, 2014

Former NY Governor David Paterson joins iFunding

April, 2014

iFunding begins distributing returns from completed projects to investors

August, 2014

iFunding lists its first debt investment offering

September, 2014

iFunding diversifies into offering investments in real estate (multi-project) funds

October, 2014

Over $1M in reservations through Crowdfunder in 10 days

December, 2014

Nearly $30 million in real estate investments made on our platform last year

December, 2014

Founders from Harvard Business School and NYU with $2 billion of real estate underwritten

December, 2014

iFunding has been featured on CNBC’s Power Pitch TV show, as well as the NY Times, Wall Street Journal and Forbes

December, 2014


I have worked with iFunding on multiple occasions, both as a sponsor and and investor. In both capacities I have found them to be utmost professionals, highly capable of structuring deals to optimize value for their investors and all stakeholders involved.
Jared Gossett Co-founder, Gossett Jones Homes, Inc.
Jared Gossett
iFunding provides a seamless transition into real estate investing. Their web platform affords a busy professional to quickly and succinctly decipher potential real estate investment opportunities and capitalize on them.
Anil Abraham iFunding Investor
Anil Abraham
My experience with iFunding made me feel they are committed to identifying and making attractive investments accessible. They place a strong emphasis on full transparency and genuinely establishing a relationship with investors.
Sangeetha R. Ganesan iFunding Investor
Sangeetha R. Ganesan
If the rest of the industry is as good as William and Sohin of iFunding, the crowdfunded real estate industry is in good hands.
Nicholas Miller iFunding Investor
Nicholas Miller
Historically, real estate investing was limited to high net worth investors and private equity firms. iFunding has opened the opportunity to millions of individuals by lowering the minimum investment to $5,000. Crowdfunding is the future!"
Justin Pierce The Washington Post
Justin Pierce
Real estate is a massive market with global assets worth $26 trillion and the iFunding crowdfunding platform allows investors to select properties and get into the game for as little as $5,000.
William Skelley Founder & CEO
William Skelley
Crowdfunder allowed us to leverage multiple different mediums to market our deal. We used TV, the iFunding website, industry publications, blog posts and PR. What ultimately brought the most funding was emailing all the accredited investors in our network.
Sohin Shah COO and Co-Founder of iFunding
Sohin Shah


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Scott Lichtman


Leading marketing for iFunding, a real estate crowdfunding company. 20-year marketer, entrepreneur and investor in high-tech, financial information services ... Read More
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Robin Sosnow

Legal Counsel

Robin Sosnow is the General Counsel for iFunding. She is a Manhattan-based attorney and member of the Massachusetts and New York Bars. Robin focuses her prac... Read More
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Bart Fooden

Asset Management

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Ranjeet Rajput

Lead Programmer

Ranjeet Rajput is the lead programmer at iFunding. He specializes in software architecture and database designing, with a proficiency in PHP , JavaScript, HT... Read More
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Matt Hart

Developer at iFunding

Matt is a developer for iFunding. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. He has a strong aptitude to learn and use new technologies. He is ... Read More
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Hafiz Sunesara

Analyst Intern, iFunding

I am an analyst intern at iFunding and am also currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Science from New York University. In the past, I have worked at Info... Read More
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Eugene Cretu

UI/UX Designer

Eugene is vastly experienced in designing websites of any complexity or style. He prefers clean layouts with the use of subtle texturing and rich typography. Read More
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Nicolae Tintariuc

UI/UX Designer

Nicolae is a UI/UX designer who strives to create simple & intuitive user interfaces. Looking for the right balance, he always tries to combine aesthetic wit... Read More
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Serghei Mararas

Front End Developer