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A Global Community of Impact Investors Bringing a Diversified Portfolio of Breakthrough Health Innovations to Market.

Company Overview

ieCrowd offers investors a new way to invest in breakthrough health innovations while mitigating some of the risks typically associated with early-stage investing. At ieCrowd, we secure full worldwide rights to commercialize health inventions. Once secured, we form a new subsidiary under ieCrowd for each innovation, and we assign and support in-house teams to focus on developing and bringing the innovations to market. This approach allows us to develop more than one innovation at a time, and diversifies shareholder risk amongst our subsidiaries.

Our experienced team has a track record of successfully bringing innovations to market, but we realized that together, as a crowd, we can have a larger impact on world health by commercializing more innovations and spreading our investors' risk among those innovations.

By partnering with leading research institutions and universities, we have access to a pipeline of innovations that usually don't make it out of the lab, but have the potential to improve health on a global scale. Our team of entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, and impact investors identify and license the innovations that we believe will provide the highest financial return and will have the largest impact on global health.

To further mitigate investor risk, the technologies we license and commercialize must have received prior funding from public or private sources to finance the discovery’s research and development before we license the innovations and bring them to market.

Currently, ieCrowd is working on two innovations - Kite and Nuuma:

  • Kite: a revolutionary CO2 blocking technology that makes people virtually invisible to mosquitos without the use of DEET. Kite raised $557,000 in pre-sales, completed manufacturing earlier this year, and is now available on Indiegogo InDemand. Kite has also secured a multi-year international distribution deal with the potential value of $80M over the next six years.
  • Nuuma: a digital nose that can be integrated with mobile phones and wearable technology. Potential applications include detecting diseases such as cancer monitoring air quality, preventing drunk driving, and food and agricultural safety, among others. Nuuma is slated for launch in Q1, 2017, and already received a $20M LOI.

Investing in ieCrowd provides:

  • Diversification with the ability to invest in one company with several breakthrough technologies.
  • Participation in ieCrowd’s current and future discoveries.
  • A defined path to liquidity with a planned IPO.
  • Transparency with independent audits and planned Federal financial reporting.
  • Professional management dedicated to ieCrowd’s mission.
  • We invite you to join our global community of impact investors.


7 Issued Patents
17 Employees
$557,000 Sales

Pitch Deck


  • $14,000,000 raised from investors worldwide including angel investors, funds, and family offices.

    July, 2016
  • $20,000,000 Letter of Interest received for Nuuma, ieCrowd's nano-materials-based gas-sensor chip.

    June, 2016
  • Kite signed a six-year agreement with potential value of $80,000,000 for exclusive distribution of Kite products in Japan and South Korea.

    March, 2014
  • Nuuma received $2,800,000 in grant funding from the National Institute of Health, Center for Nanoscience Innovation for Defense and others.

    February, 2010
  • Completed manufacturing and launched InDemand campaign with Indiegogo to sell Kite Shield, an effective, DEET-free mosquito repellent.

    July, 2016
  • $557,000 raised from 11,254 backers via Indiegogo campaign for Kite Patch, a future follow-on product for Kite Shield.

    June, 2013


John Plocher
John Plocher
Owner & Partner, Western Equity Partners
"I invested in ieCrowd because they have something unique – they are leveraging the power of the crowd and giving everyday investors the chance to own equity in a high-technology company bringing world-changing technologies to market now. Not someday – but now. I believe in Kite and Nuuma and their potential to bring in revenues in both the short and long term."
Andy Pham
Andy Pham
Founder, Sunbelt Technologies Management
"What attracted us to ieCrowd when we invested at an early stage was the Kite technology. ieCrowd recognized Kite’s potential at a time when fighting mosquitoes more efficiently could change the world. Now they have successfully manufactured and brought Kite technology to market, proving their model works. We are confident ieCrowd has the expertise to continue to successfully identify early stage innovations with great potential and commercialize them."
Dr. John Altieri
Dr. John Altieri
Cardiovascular Disease Internal Medicine
"I invested in ieCrowd first after hearing about Kite technology, but I became even more excited about the company’s potential to disrupt the healthcare space once I learned about their Nuuma gas sensors. Nuuma technology can detect air pollution, bad breath, and has the potential for early-disease detection, which could revolutionize healthcare."
Dr. Ramon Torres
Dr. Ramon Torres
"A great deal of a company’s potential for success depends on good management. I invested in ieCrowd because I believe in the innovations they are developing, and I believe in the team bringing those innovations to market."
Mauricio Pontones Simon
Mauricio Pontones Simon
CEO at Alsava Corporation
"ieCrowd has a realistic path to liquidity that led us to invest. They also have real, innovative products ready to hit the market."
Carroll-Loye Biological Research Consulting
Carroll-Loye Biological Research Consulting
3rd-Party Efficacy Test
"The duration of repellency for Kite Shield is high for a product formulated from a palette of ingredients listed as minimum risk by the US Environmental Protection Agency. These ingredients have not generally been combined to create effective repellent products."
Energy Inspectors
Energy Inspectors
"Nano Engineered Applications, Inc.’s solution Nuuma, is capable of detecting contaminants at a parts-per-billion level. Energy Inspectors believe that a mobile and reliable monitoring system that alerts its users on the harmful gases surrounding them can change the way we live and raise the awareness of indoor air pollution."
Cancer Prevention Institute of California
Cancer Prevention Institute of California
"“We believe this innovative partnership with NEA will bring us closer to our mission of preventing cancer and reducing its burden where it cannot yet be prevented,” said Reed A. Goertler, Chief Operating Officer, CPIC. “Identifying exhaled breath biomarkers is the first step for innovative technology companies such as NEA to build non-invasive early detection solutions that could potentially save millions of lives.”"