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A team of professionals and experts for improving people's lives

A team of professionals and experts for improving people's lives


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Company Overview

IDRA Ltd is a consulting, engineering and training firm that provides higly specialized professional solutions to private and public companies as well as public entities, for the management of operations, supply chain and R&D in multiple sectors.

We work alongside the Customer for the realization of complex projects aimed at the development and consolidation of its business; innovation, internationalization, standardization and certification of the processes are the keywords at the base of our success.

Our reference book includes the complete management of research and development projects in the industrial, healthcare, biomedical and tertiary sectors; we are leaders in the application of advanced engineering techniques, production and optimization of new products/processes/services. We provide for the certification of new products according to international regulations and for the approval and certification of machinery, plants and equipment deriving from research and development.

We also believe in environmental and energetic sustainability as the only possible way for the growth of the business in the future. We study together with the Customer the potential impacts of products and services on the environment and on the use of primary sources, we conduct the Life Cycle Assessment and integrate the results with the logic of marketing and engineering to identify the best solution from all points of view.

In a phrase: we pass on to our customers the innovative nature of our approach, and together, build their future!


30% ROI
Cash Flow Positive