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Identity Checkpoint, Inc.

Identity Checkpoint, Inc.

The End to Identity Theft

Pasadena, Maryland, US

security, tech startup, Internet (Software & Services)

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Company Overview

Identity Checkpoint (IC) is a cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) provider to both government and business entities to verify the “Authorization of Use” of personal identifiers, e.g. Social Security numbers or User IDs, and their financial instruments, e.g. credit cards and checks, by their owners.

It is the misappropriation of use, e.g. establishing or changing accounts and the execution of a transaction without the individual’s knowledge or authorization, which is the biggest worry of their owners financial lives. The media is constantly filled with stories of the $250B+ / year impacts of “Identity Thief” and stolen credit card numbers. There are numerous other forms of identity use fraud.

Identity Checkpoint intends to change the existing business processes involving the use of personal identifiers and financial instruments by augmenting those processes and creating a parallel “Authorization of Use” flow which after the eventual merge of the parallel flows will participate in the final decision returned to the originator of the flow. That new “Authorization of Use” flow will incorporate web services provided by IC which will allow the individual owners of the personal identifiers and/or financial instruments to verify their authorized use on a per use instance basis using their smart devices.

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US Patent Application 14288282, System for Managing Personal Identifiers and Financial Instrument Use, was converted from provisional status

May, 2014

Delaware Filing # 5330151

May, 2013

The SEA award is the first international award honoring sustainable business practice.

February, 2014

The filing has been accepted as of July 3, 2014

July, 2014