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iCrowdU Inc.

iCrowdU Inc.

iCrowdU is an international sales & marketing platform with unique incentive features giving users access to global markets at low cost

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Company Overview

What is iCrowdU all about?

iCrowdU is a 3-year old blockchain-based sales and marketing platform with wholly-owned subsidiaries, business licenses and banking facilities in five major metropolitan areas across the US, Europe and Asia.

Through its online platform and supported by its own blockchain technology, iCrowdU gives projects and companies access to international markets for product marketing, sales and funding. To make this simple and unique, iCrowdU created CrowdPromotion!

CrowdPromotion is an easy, yet effective way of growing a product’s visibility amongst a new consumer group. CrowdPromotion involves the intensive online marketing of a product over a 30-day period.

Throughout this promotion period, as more customers “commit to buy” the price per product drops. At the end of the promotion period, all customers pay the same – and lowest – price!

In short: iCrowdU is the one-stop-shop solution for the crowd. Imagine amazon, Kickstarter, Facebook and Wish rolled into one platform: bringing blockchain-based, international, products to consumers at wholesale prices!

Have a look at this video, where we tell you all about iCrowdU:


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20,000 Users
$130,000 Sales
3 Employees

Pitch Deck


  • MBA Students launch iCrowdU Limited in Hong Kong

    January, 2016
  • iCrowdU enter into an MOU with publically traded company Netcents Systems Ltd.

    March, 2016
  • The first USD 250,000 is raised from friends & family.

    April, 2016
  • First product "the CrowdBuilder" successfully launched in Hong Kong resulting in first users and valuable R&D for iCrowdU!

    June, 2016
  • iCrowdU is exclusively interviewed by Deutsche Bank's X-Press magazine in the global headquarters of Chinese internet giant "NetEase"

    October, 2016
  • iCrowdU signs an exclusive 10-year contract to supply Asia high-quality German infant formula.

    December, 2016
  • iCrowdU closes its seed round funding with an investment of US $500,000

    March, 2017
  • iCrowdU is featured in the German financial markets magazine "Derivate"

    May, 2017
  • iCrowdU announces its intentions to develop its proprietary blockchain technology

    September, 2017
  • iCrowdU partners with Blockchain consultancy and thinktank, Axes and Eggs to assist in the Development of the CrowdToken.

    September, 2017
  • iCrowdU Launches Token Sale platform, and immediately commences a marketing strategy to gain early customers for CrowdToken

    February, 2018
  • iCrowdU enters into discussions with MFC Merchant Bank regarding a potential future cooperation

    March, 2018
  • iCrowdU enters into negotiations with Alibaba regarding future copoeration

    March, 2018
  • After less than 3 months live, iCrowdU generates a customer base of over 20,000 international users and revenues of approximately $130,000

    May, 2018
  • LOI is signed between iCrowdU and MFC Merchant bank outlining a partnership to collaborate in offering blockchain tech to MFC Customers

    May, 2018
  • LOI is signed between iCrowdU and Alibaba outlining a future collaboration to grow iCrowdU internationally with Alibaba infrastructure

    June, 2018


Samson Williams
Samson Williams
"Alex & Ian are fun guys! I keep telling them: "If you are chopping trees in the woods that's great! But you need to live stream it globally!" Am glad they are doing it now here on!! Keep going guys!"
Claudio Morandi
Claudio Morandi
"I have know the guys for many years! When they say they deliver - they DO deliver. I was the first one ever to register for the CrowdTokens! Go iCrowdU!!!"
Jörn Winkelmann
Jörn Winkelmann
CEO / Managing Director IFG
"I am happy to have worked closely with Alex and Ian over the past 2-years. They offer strong insight into the Asian markets, and through their established network, have been able to open up new possibilities for the introduction of my product into Asia."
Toni Cheng
Toni Cheng
CEO AlibabaCloud Europe
"We enjoy working together with iCrowdU!"
Nuno Cunha
Nuno Cunha
Innovation Manager
"We have known Alex & Ian since the Websummit in Lisbon in 2016. We worked on a EU Horizon2020 funding proposal together. Their work results are great and I am convinced iCrowdU will take off! "
Srdjan Vukmirovic
Srdjan Vukmirovic
CEO of NS Web Development, Serbia
"Together with my team here in Novi Sad, Serbia, we have been successfully working together for almost three years now. We are very happy to be part of iCrowdU's success story. Alex & Ian are reliable partner & good to work with!"