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iConsumer Corp.

iConsumer Corp.

Get Bitcoin & Equity for Shopping Online #GetYourShare #Bitcoin

Evanston, Illinois, US

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Company Overview

iConsumer (OTCQB:ICCMP)- changing the faces of Wall Street by making every customer a shareholder and every shareholder a customer. Our customers earn equity in iConsumer, plus get bitcoin every time they shop at over 1,800 popular stores. We’ve taken a huge, proven market by storm - the cash back, loyalty, and incentives market space. A space with over $15B in market cap in the established players. By investing every customer in our journey, we're able to acquire customers for less cash, and we think, make them more loyal and more profitable in record time. With 50,000 shareholders, we're just starting on our journey to 1,000,000 customers.

We launched out of beta in February, 2017, received our ticker symbol December 1, and now we're working on an utility token ICO - a blockchain based initial coin offering, combining our regulated status with the 400,000 consumers, 1,800 retailers, and 35,000 charities in our ecosystem. We are completely changing the equation.

The plan at this point is to distribute our token to all holders of our equity, and holders of options on our equity.

Our revenues and audited and unaudited financials are posted with the SEC for all to see.

We're in the midst of filing our next offering. Our first offering make it legal to have 1,000,000 shareholders, but wasn't intended to raise capital. Our next Reg. A+ offering, slated for January if the SEC qualifies us, is to provide the funding to build out our new blockchain-based token economy. This debt offering is to get accredited investors the opportunity to invest early, reserve tokens at an advantageous rate, and get a discount on our equity.



50,000 Users
$480,000 Sales
5 Employees
$10,000,000 Transaction Volume

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Secured over 1800 online retailer partners

June, 2015

Launched Beta Testing Phase

June, 2015

Developed iConsumer mobile app for iOS & Android

August, 2016

Regulation A+ Offering SEC Qualified - $.045/share

September, 2016

2016 Revenue: $480,000

December, 2016

Reg. A+ Offering - First Investor Closing

December, 2016

Left Beta Phase - 13,000 Member / Shareholders

February, 2017

Reg. A+ Offering - SEC Re-Qualified - $.09/share

February, 2017

Issued stock to 2,600 customers

April, 2017

Closed Reg. A+ Offering

May, 2017

Filed revised FINRA Form 211 to obtain ticker symbol for OTC QB quotation - 10,000 pages of documentation

June, 2017

First SEC Annual Report 1-A Filed

June, 2017

Issued Cash Back Checks to 5982 members through this date

August, 2017

In 5 months grew from 13,000 to 45,000+ members. New members pay for themselves in less than a year

September, 2017

FINRA issues ticker symbol: ICCMP

December, 2017

48,886 Members

December, 2017

Announced Token / Coin: REWARDS coin

December, 2017

iConsumer (RWRDP) Live on the OTC Market

February, 2018


What excites me most about iConsumer is how the company is uniquely and intelligently using equity as an acquisition and retention strategy in the ecommerce sector. No other company has done this before, and both members and investors benefit from this new model.
David Scott Carlick Board Advisor
David Scott Carlick
Equity crowdfunding is changing the financial landscape. It's exciting to be a part of a company making it possible for the 99% to be equity investors in a publicly quoted company, without their having to write a check.
Michael W. Brennan Board Advisor
Michael W. Brennan
I love iConsumer. I used to use eBates, but now I'm getting cash back and I'm getting shares in the company. I really like the concept of ownership.
Kimberly LeNoach Customer / Shareholder
Kimberly LeNoach
As a retailer, I admire the iConsumer model because it empowers people to shop smarter by investing in their future as they earn stock just for shopping online.
Jennifer Yen Creator, purlisse beauty
Jennifer Yen
I love iConsumer. I get some share of stock and cashback too! And more stock for referring friends.
Charles Denny Customer / Shareholder
Charles Denny