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HyperPower Game Group

HyperPower Game Group

Leveraging mobile games as brand platforms for celebrities and entertainment brands.

Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

Mobile game development has been democratized, and indie developers are now able to seize the upside of the rapidly growing $24 Billion industry. But, despite their newfound potential, many indie teams fall short when it comes to marketing. We started this company so we could flip the process, and allow marketing and consumer insights to inform the development of games that are as appealing to the average smartphone owner as they are to the stereotypical gamer. By strategically focusing on licensed games with celebrities, recording artists and brands, we are seizing

What Sets Us Apart

While many game development groups focus primarily on creating large-scale games that sustain millions of users over extended periods of time, we focus instead on leveraging marketing insights and celebrity/brand partnerships to create viral periods of gameplay tied to trending moments in pop culture. Underscoring everything we do is our commitment to developing mobile games that educate, entertain and inspire the 100+ million Americans who play them. Through our focus with HyperJamz specifically, we are seizing the clear opportunity inherent to celebrity mobile games, while simultaneously raising the bar for their quality.

Our Keys To Success

The core formula for our success is creating games that are as appealing to the stereotypical gamer as they are to the passive smartphone user who only occasionally downloads apps. By building games that appeal to both sides of this spectrum, and ensuring that everyone who plays our games walks away having gained something useful, our games and business have unique appeal to a emerging demographic within the mobile gaming industry.


  • As of May 2013, early games released by our group have generated 65k downloads and nearly $20k in revenue.

    May, 2013
  • HyperJamz secures marquee press coverage, including a feature on CNBC, in conjunction with the launch of its debut game for Melissa Etheridg

    October, 2014
  • American Ballot Blast, Inc. was spun out of HPGG after raising $15k to deploy the first mobile game designed to educate voters.

    May, 2013
  • HyperPower Game Group enters partnership with Nik Wallenda and Discovery Channel to release exclusive licensed mobile game.

    November, 2014
  • HyperJamz solidifies game pipeline through partnership with leading talent management and music marketing group, Primary Wave Music.

    August, 2014


Larry Mestel
Larry Mestel
CEO & Founder, Primary Wave Music
"Since beginning this relationship, our confidence in Clark Nesselrodt and Tommy Sondgroth has only continued to grow. We have been impressed by the quality, speed and agi"