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Transforming capability in border security, maritime patrol and luxury tourism among many other areas.

Company Overview

Airlander is new type of aircraft that transforms all aerial endurance tasks with unprecedented multi-day loiter from the sky, carrying up to an impressive 10 tonnes of equipment - ideal for survey work, border security, communications and surveillance. It's land-anywhere capability and extreme endurance will open up remote cargo to anywhere in the world. It's like nothing else in the world and addresses a huge market.

As the earth's surface gets more crowded, the space that the three dimensions of air gives is opening up huge possibilities. Persistence in the sky is key, together with the ability to carry substantial payloads. There are many industries that urgently need an aircraft that can provide long endurance with a large payload capacity, such as border security, coastguarding and Search & Rescue. As the communications revolution takes off, and access to bandwidth and the electromagnetic spectrum become key, having a portable, high-power, long-endurance airborne communicator will be crucial for running the Internet of Things. Whether it is controlling unmanned farming in Africa, emergency communications in a disaster scenario or being part of the latest Smart Cities, Airlander has the technology to provide this now. Google, Facebook and others are investigating exactly this airborne ability to communicate data for IoT right now, but are many years from developing a viable solution.

Hybrid Air Vehicles Limited (the Company or HAV) has been established since 2007 and has become a global leader in an emerging sector within aerospace. The Company has developed the “Airlander” hybrid aircraft and the market for this new flight technology has been independently valued at over $50 billion over the next 20 years.

Airlander takes the best of aeroplanes, helicopters and airships and combines them with the latest innovations in materials to create a truly revolutionary aircraft. The Airlander is a “hybrid” of an aeroplane and an airship – we get 40% of our lift from the aerodynamic wing shape of our aircraft, and 60% from the helium fill – it is therefore inherently more efficient than other forms of air transport. It uses the very latest fabrics to maintain its shape and is technologically years ahead of other aircraft.

Airlander aims to revolutionise transport and travel by:

  • Being one of the lowest carbon emissions aircraft in the world, like for like.
  • Having game-changing endurance (it can stay airborne for weeks rather than hours).
  • Providing significantly lower delivery cost for airborne freight.
  • Being able to land anywhere (water, land, desert, ice) thus opening up new point-to-point routes to previously inaccessible areas.


89 Employees
7 Issued Patents


  • Flight Test Programme currently in progress. Have flown 13 hours in total and more than 300 nautical miles.

    May, 2017
  • Approval from our regulators, EASA and CAA for the expanded operating envelope of the Airlander aircraft. A validation of the flight tests.

    September, 2017
  • Heavy Landing caused huge worldwide publicity and positive views from industry of how we dealt with it.

    August, 2016
  • First Flight of Airlander.

    August, 2016
  • Official naming ceremony of Airlander by HRH Duke of Kent (Queen Elizabeth's cousin).

    May, 2015
  • Airlander arrives back in the UK ready for re-assembly with clean export licence and US ITAR regulation free (useful for export sales).

    December, 2013
  • US budget sequestration and fiscal cliff cancels US Army programme permitting Hybrid Air Vehicles to purchase Airlander outright.

    January, 2013
  • First Flight of US Army programme aircraft (the LEMV) and what became Airlander.

    August, 2012
  • Hybrid Air Vehicles Ltd wins contract with Northrup Grumman to provide Persistent Wide Area Surveillance aircraft for $300m US Army program.

    July, 2010
  • Hybrid Air Vehicles founded. Tests scale demonstrators extensively.

    July, 2007


Admiral Sir George Zambellas
Admiral Sir George Zambellas
Formerly First Sea Lord and Chief of Naval St
"Airlander is a highly credible solution that combines lighter-than-air with rotary tech, to offer a wide range of capabilities. In my view, these capabilities have exceptional applicability across the military operational spectrum, both in hostile and more benign conditions, especially in the unmanned version of the vehicles. "
Lieutenant General (Rtd) Richard Zahner
Lieutenant General (Rtd) Richard Zahner
Formerly Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2, US Army
"During thirty-six years in Military Intelligence, I saw hundreds of initiatives promising to revolutionize the quality of intelligence afforded Army Soldiers and Joint Forces. Almost without exception they delivered, at best, marginal gains at ever-increasing cost. Airlander, backed by an innovative and customer-outcome focused team is a notable exception – world-class capabilities are now available at a fraction of the cost of today’s ISR platforms, addressing essential Threats, environments and need"
Henry Cookson
Henry Cookson
CEO and Founder, Henry Cookson Adventures
"Henry Cookson Adventures is incredibly excited about the potential opportunities Hybrid Air Vehicles are bringing to the luxury travel industry. Airlander 10 is a ground-breaking aircraft that will open up a new world of possibilities, overcoming previous logistical challenges and allowing us to push the boundaries of what is possible further than ever before"