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Hurdl Enterprises

Hurdl Enterprises

Your audience, illuminated.

Nashville, Tennessee, US

software, sports, entertainment, concerts, machine learning, data visualization, wearable tech, concerts, events, marketing, advertising, live events

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Company Overview

Business Summary

Billions of people attend live events every year, yet the organizers have no idea who these people are. Hurdl captures, processes and interprets millions of data points on entire audiences, providing live event organizers with a powerful tool to reach, reward and sell to pre-qualified fans.

Hurdl's unique solution combines proprietary software and predictive algorithms with low cost high-impact wearables to capture data and improve the live event experience itself.

Customer Problem

Over 1M sports and entertainment events occur each year. 1 billion people attend live events annually and there is currently no way to know more than 70% of who those people are. The global live events industry is growing annually by 20%. Live event marketing teams can't reliably reach them. Audience opacity = lost revenue and engagement.

Solution/Product Offering

* Aggregated consumer insights across platforms

* Proprietary text to activate system connects unique wearable to consumer attributes (favorite team, color, gender)

* Interactive audience experiences, no app required

* 8x more activation, 3x more data capture than existing event platforms, ticket sales info

* A new direct marketing channel to highly motivated consumers

* Smarter, more actionable marketing systems

* Partnerships that allow increased security measures in crowded settings

Target Market Opportunity

Crowded events including music, sports, casinos, night clubs and conventions.

Competitive Advantage

Priced 38% lower than the competition, Hurdl offers the lowest cost individually addressable sub-GHz RGB, LED wearables on the market.

Hurdl builds and sustains a durable advantage by:

  • Robust and scalable software systems that aggregate consumer insights
  • The lowest cost individually addressable LED wearable & system on the market
  • No hidden fees, rigging, or staffing required
  • Text to activate system provides real time communication with actual attendees, eliminating the barrier to entry requiring fans to download an app
  • Combining this new data set on entire audiences with other partner data sets for an appended and more complete consumer profile
  • Providing strategic partners (Spotify, Pandora, Facebook, Twitter, Apple Music, etc) with a new touch point at live events for a mutually beneficial data share that fuel their recommendation algorithms and Hurdl’s predictive marketing services
  • GTM strategy targeting events where our CEO and Advisors relationships are unparalleled

Marketing Strategy

  • A team of Business Development experts, CEO relationships, and an impressive Board and Advisor network
  • Nov 2016 PR launch announcing funding, clients across multiple verticals (sports, music, large events, buildings, casinos, etc) and more + our seasoned and connected PR team specializing in disruptive technologies
  • National and international commissioned agents given market size and span of opportunities

Business Model

Hurdl offers a free basic service for importing, de-duping, and structuring client data sets, subscription + CPM driven package pricing for data appending, visualization, and common querying, and a landed and branded cost per PIXL.


The Hurdl Enterprises founding team has a combined 20 years experience in the live entertainment business, mechanical engineering, wearable technology, and in building software and web services for both startups and established companies. Betsy McHugh, Founder & CEO, spent years at the largest booking agency in the world, CAA, after which she spent 12 years managing global superstars Keith Urban and Hunter Hayes. Product Lead COO & CTO, Zach Shunk has led multiple engineering teams in both wearable tech and mechanical systems for startups and corporate clients including Nissan.

Hurdl Enterprises impressive board of advisors includes executives from TPG, Virgin America, Virgin Galactic, Red Light Management, SAM Management, Turner Sports, CAA, IMG, Initial State / AWS Software specialists, Production Resource Group (PRG), Universal Music Group, Ernst and Young, Hertz Lichtenstein & Young, and Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

"The greatest of technological evolutions

challenge the universal and innate

primal need to feel a sense of

community and connectedness.”

[1] 2016 Mosaic Company; Event Marketing Institute


11 Employees


Donnie Wahlberg, NKOTB, Naughty By Nature, Jenny McCarthy "Generation Rescue" event raising more than $800k for Autism Research.

June, 2016

Series of beta tests across 21 different arena shows delivered near 90% average wearable activation rates, tripling audience insights.

March, 2016

Official launch date with PR articles confirmed in Forbes, TechCrunch, Mashable, WSJ, NY Times, and more.

November, 2016

Official launch date confirmed with large scale event broadcast on network television with major retail partner.

November, 2016


Hurdl offers a new direct marketing channel to the most engaged consumers, creating a new way for us at Apple to connect with music fans immediately following their favorite concerts and events.
Bozoma St John Head of Global Consumer Mktg, Apple Music
Bozoma St John
Hurdl is doing some really exciting things on both the software and audience experience front.
Phil Guerini VP, Marketing Radio Disney
Phil Guerini
Hurdl has definitely thought through their entire offering, their leadership team clearly has the experience needed to make an impressive impact.
John Cutcliffe VP/GM SAM MGMT (Foo Fighters, NIN, Norah Jone
John Cutcliffe
Our artists love Hurdl for the show experience and our digital team loves Hurdl for what they can offer pre, during and post event. We're excited to be working with them. Betsy is very smart.
Jared Paul President, fac•ul•ty productions
Jared Paul
We've had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest names in technology from the beginning stages to now (Apple, Pandora, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google), and we're very enthusiastic to be on the same ride with Hurdl.
Gregory Miller Attorney, Wilson Sonsini (Former
Gregory Miller
I don't know why anyone wouldn't use Hurdl.
Allison McGregor Agent, Tour Marketing Creative Artists Agency
Allison McGregor