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Humantelligence Inc.

Humantelligence Inc.

Humantelligence: The Culture Software

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Company Overview

Humantelligence | Measure, manage and hire for culture. Moneyball for HR.

Business Summary

The world’s first HR SaaS platform to accurately measure “Culture” at every level of an organization – from individual, to team, to overall corporate culture. Humantelligence (“HT”) has the fastest (10-minute), most comprehensive self-assessment behavioral science tool that measures behaviors, motivators and ideal work styles (“BMW” framework). By applying A.I. and data analytics, companies gain culture insights to drive optimal performance and to hire for culture fit and predictive success. They also can then align their culture to their strategy at the corporate level and down to the operating units, and functional areas. Clients using HT have shown ROI through a significant reduction in turnover, streamlined their recruiting process by up to 80%, improved leadership, and better performance. HT’s largest customer saved $8M in 2019 simply through reducing turnover, through hiring exclusively with their assessment tool. Clients include: Honda USA, Merck, AFLAC, Bank of the West, Banesco Bank, Ashley Furniture .


Small, medium, and F500 companies alike do not know how to measure Corporate Culture and team leaders cannot articulate the culture of the people they work with every day. As a result, organizations are unable to hire for “cultural fit” and predictive success. Hiring decisions are based on skills, resume, experience, cognitive factors (IQ=30% predictive success), and “likeability”. Hiring is not based on data to determine best fit (EQ=emotional intelligence = 60% predictive success). This highly subjective approach is ineffective. As such, today, recruiting remains subjective, costly, and extremely time consuming. This mis-alignment of culture fit leads to increased turnover and low engagement, but worse, underperforming teams and underperforming organizations.HT is the first scalable enterprise HR software that improves performance by applying data to culture for accurate measuring, managing, and hiring.


Humantelligence’s proprietary, easy-to-use 10-minute self-assessment tool is technically validated and has been refined over 30 years to accurately measure one’s individual Behaviors, Motivators, and ideal Work style (what we call the “BMW” framework of culture). Through A.I., data analytics and aggregation, companies can measure culture at the team, group, and corporate level, which provides insights on optimal performance. With HT, companies can align and optimize culture, as well as recruit for culture fit and predictive success.

The solution is platform agnostic (handheld, laptop, mobile, etc.), and translated and localized into 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and German), so that we can sell to 125+ countries. The platform has been integrated to major HRIS (ADP, SAP/SuccessFactors, Workday, Bamboo), and ATS ( Taleo, Greenhouse, iCIMS) platforms, for seamless flow of data and a competitive advantage.

Business Model (B2B, SaaS)

Monthly subscription pricing model from 0.50c to $5 per user per month, with volume discounts for larger companies, professional services and annual contracts. Various bundling options targeting distinct buyers such as corporate HR (CHRO, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition) and independent recruiters. Deals have ranged from $8K to $200K for SMBs to large enterprises and sales cycle for those deals range from 6 weeks (SMBs) to 6 months (large enterprise).

Target Market / Size

By 2022 looking to have $33M of the $86B HCM enterprise software market (Human Capital Management = $72B Talent Acquisition + $14B Talent Management).


260,000 Users
15 Employees
$554,000 Sales
4 Issued Patents

Pitch Deck


  • Nominated Top “HR Data Analytics” CEO by Gartner. Invited to be keynote presenter at their annual Data & Analytics Conf in March 2020.

    December, 2019
  • $650K ARR, $1.5M est for 2020. 240,000 users. Clients like Honda USA, Merck, AFLAC, Bank of the West, Banesco, Cinemex, Ashley Furniture.

    December, 2019
  • Voted “Best-in-Class” HR Tech solution at Annual HR Tech Connect Conf in 2 of 3 categories, of 60 vendors. Also voted Best Presentation.

    November, 2019
  • 2019 Revenue Growth of 174% vs 2018 ($747K booked / $547K collected vs $272K in 2018) with just one sales person.

    December, 2019
  • Completed key API Integrations: HRIS (ADP, SAP/SuccessFactors, Workday, Bamboo), ATS ( Taleo, Greenhouse, iCIMS).

    June, 2019


Allan Barr
Allan Barr
CFO at Jitterbit, Inc.
"One of the very attractive features of HT is that it's based on a scientific algorithm and it's also very quick to do. So you can administer it to a broad group of people we can do analysis on the teams that we have in place. It levels the playing field it gives us a chance to really assess the strengths, weaknesses, and the cultural fit of potential hires. My entire team is going to be doing it because it'll help in getting the best people in the place."
Carlos Bethencourt
Carlos Bethencourt
Vice President - Advance Labs
"My primary responsibility is to take make sure our company culture is by design where people are productive but also feel happy and enjoy their place at work. It’s the Holy Grail everyone in HR. wants. We operate in some economies where it's actually illegal to fire someone. So picking the right person is extremely important. Our margin of error is very small. HT has allowed us to pick the right people and also retain them because when we pick the right person. So now we make better decisions faster."
Damian Piza
Damian Piza
Director of Human Resource - Cinemex
"HT is like a prefilter to make wiser selections. Our managers spend less time interviewing but they interview the right candidates. If we reduce the turnover by selecting the right people and retaining, training them in order to have very professional people, with a lot of service oriented qualifications, we will guarantee or at least try to guarantee our guests experience. So not only not only think about reducing costs but it's also about getting more guests, and more frequent guests to the future."
Angelina Iyamah
Angelina Iyamah
Talent Management Strategist – Aerospace Co
"I would recommend that if you are trying to figure out the basics of people dynamics or if you're looking at strengthening the career development routines of your employees, I would highly recommend that you take a look at using Humantelligence. The unique thing about partnering with HT is that it’s not just one tool. It gave us a lot of opportunity to segment our organization and create profiles and personas that helped us target each of the needs of particular groups, from millennials to baby boomers."
Martin Lister
Martin Lister
Partner - Humantelligence
"HT helps improve self awareness, how we interact with others in teams, and understanding group and corporate culture to improve performance. There is nobody doing anything close to what HT is doing. HT helps to reduce hiring mistakes and helps companies understand their people a lot better. And once you understand you people are a lot better performance will go up. Indeed, the thing about this product is that it is a product that everyone can take advantage of. "
Wendy Kinnell
Wendy Kinnell
Interim HR Business Partner, Culture & Talent
"From a HR perspective, it's limitless. I mean if you if you've got those tools on your iPad or your tablet and you can walk into the business and have a conversation with a leader in that business or an individual in that business specific to them you have all that data all that transparency, I think that transforms conversations. It transforms leadership capability as well. So in terms of team performance leadership and the experience of knowing your team one on one, it's totally limitless. "
Jeffrey Mould
Jeffrey Mould
Executive Director at Vivo Kitchen
"If I had anything to say to anyone that was considering HT is that it's an absolute worthwhile investment. Probably what I've been most impressed with is the collaborative relationship of the HT team. I've been doing software implementation for the better part of 20 years. I've not partnered with a company that has been as accessible and collaborative as the HT team that has been more open to feedback about how HT is used in the real work. I have been very impressed with the engagement with the HT team."
David Loia
David Loia
Chief Revenue Officer at ScaleFactor
"One of the things that we use Humantelligence very successfully out here at ScaleFactor is to be able to build a work environment that is very conducive to high performance. So we're able to understand and study all of the things that make a high performer work. Then, as we search for candidates, we're able to match up those same attributes to make sure that folks will be able to onboard very quickly here, and also perform at a very high level once they get here. "