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Health Hospitality - medically proximate lodging

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Company Overview

Hospitalite' envisions short term enhanced service” lodging in a semi suite hotel room located on the physical grounds of large well run urban hospitals.

The concept is to provide reasonably priced medically proximate accommodations instead of hospital admission or multiple return trips for people who have a reason or preference to utilize hospital services as an outpatient, a trend that has been increasing in recent years.

The target market of guests would include:

a) people involved in a course of treatment (chemotherapy, radiation, critical dialysis, pre surgical stabilization, post surgical monitoring)

b.) rural patients who need testing or multiple hospital visits in a short time period

c.) individuals or family members who want to remain with their hospitalized family or friends.

d.) based on location, quality, rate and services, there may be a market with members of the general public.

At the time of discharge, It may also provide a realistic alternative to:

a.) skilled nursing facilities or other interim options,

b.) observation after ambulatory procedures

c.) alternative to hospital expansion for seasonal or unusual occurrences such as natural disasters or catastrophic events. This additional accommodation option will be provided at no cost to the medical facility and depending on the development structure, can even produce income to the facility.