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#multiplayer Game,

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Company Overview

  • Hit is a unique shooting ball game, it's free and there is many and different levels, it's online and multiPlayer, Player can play with anyone around the world, Players can text with each others, When players complete a universe levels we will randomly choose some winners and we will send it to his home door, also players can make money between $4 up to $16 in each round, company takes $1 on every $5 when player win it, more details: Players will be allowed to add fund in their account from Paypal or credit cards then they can use it by playing with other players, minimum amount for challenging is $5 and max will be $20 on every round, number of players can be 2 player and can be up to 10 players, If 2 players one of them should be win and take money, Company will get $1 on every $5, Players will select their round type and time,
  • Game features:
  • people communicate with others
  • Best players can get gifts like armors and medals
  • players can share there ideas and suggestions about game
  • Players can make money on each game between $4 up to $16
  • We will change the concept of ads, Results will satisfy the advertisers and users will not bother.