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Childcare as a benefit | Backup & wellness support available 24/7

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Company Overview

Helpr is normalizing childcare in the workplace and advocating that childcare be a benefit for employees. We believe that childcare should be universal and that no one should have to choose between their families and their work.

In the US 88% of women do not get a single hour of paid time off after they have a baby.

As many as 43% of highly qualified professional women leave the workforce after giving birth. 69% of those women say they wouldn't have left if they had more access to support - whether flexible work arrangements or child care.

The wage gap happens here.

And according to Employee Benefits Adviser 61% of American workers are willing to take a cut in salary for a better benefits package.

Our mission at Helpr is to help all sized US companies create the conditions that allow aging workforce to merge family and career. We do this by offering a dependable sitter option that is available 24/7, can be deployed in as little as 3 hours, and is a fraction of the cost ($5 average per hour fee for parents).

Each American parent is losing between 8-13 days of work per year to childcare gaps. This amount for US companies is $3B in annual productivity loss.

Helpr looks to create a sense of belonging within our parent and babysitting network through inclusion and belief that all kids, regardless of needs, are part of our kinship. Our flexibility and commitment to our Helpr community is what sets us apart from others in this marketplace and our goal is to become a one-stop shop for childcare for all families.

Built on a mobile platform for seamless booking and frictionless payment, Helpr matches parents with personally interviewed, CPR certified, background checked babysitters on-demand or on your schedule.

Currently serving families in Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and 4 new projected markets to come in 2019.

Strategic alliances are formed along the following lines: HR professionals, benefits specialists, Chief of People, and insurance providers. Please reach us with any collaboration opportunities.


$506,000 Sales
380% ROI
5 Employees


  • Running at 50% revenue margins.

    June, 2018
  • Identified and created a strong pipeline of potential customers to exceed revenue targets for 2019.

    May, 2018
  • Reached growth goal for the year by end of Q1.

    April, 2018
  • 68% Y/Y revenue growth

    January, 2018


Alison Pincus
Alison Pincus
co-founder, One King's Lane
"Alison G Pincus ‏@AliGPincus Jan 1 HNY! If u live in LA you can go out like it's New Year's Eve all the time bc of the brand-new @helpr_app (screened babysitters on demand)"
Nicki Sebastian
Nicki Sebastian
Mom Influencer
"We've been hiring Lucy through Helpr, and Cami just LOVES her—we're so, so grateful! "
Jessica Hung
Jessica Hung
Founder, Parasol
"I love Helpr. I've booked twice - both last minute - and was very happy with the caliber of both sitters (Chelsea and Lucy). They were creative, fun, and engaging, and my kids loved exploring Santa Monica and Hollywood with them. Both bookings were confirmed within 45 minutes of my request. I definitely plan to book again."
Rachel Pitzel
Rachel Pitzel
Founder, Club MomMe
"I LOVE Helpr. I can get referrals easily from friends, but then you have to reach out to each person, interview them, see if they are available, and then line it all up.The entire experience [with Helpr] was fantastic from start to finish. When she arrived, it turns out she works in the same industry as my husband and have several friends in common. She was a total pro, and had clearly been babysitting for years. Our daughter took right to her. I highly recommend Helpr! "
Tim Sehn
Tim Sehn
VP of Engineering, Snapchat
"I have been a Helpr (formerly University Sitters) customer for almost three years. In Seattle, before I moved to LA and started using Helpr, we used an on demand Nanny Service that charged an expensive year-long subscription fee for vetted nannies. My wife and I need access to child care, often on the same day. We were delighted to find Helpr when we moved to LA which offered a similar service to our Seattle nanny service without the subscription fee. We use the service often. "