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Helpful Cheer, LLC

Helpful Cheer, LLC

20% annual interest paid back monthly for a 48 month term.

Company Overview

Helpful Cheer, LLC is an established e-commerce business that has been in operation since January, 2014. Our focus is to provide the best customer service before and after the sale. This has allowed us to grow very quickly in a crowded space.

We did $188,000 in sales our first year, and $623,000 in sales in 2015. Our biggest problem limiting growth right now is capital. With your investment, it will allow us to fund up to $100,000 per month in sales.

My wife and I started the business as a hobby on Ebay and quickly expanded to Amazon which continues to dominate our sales. This summer, we launched our new e-commerce site and are set to start building our own customer base that we can market to directly. We have a direct tie into Google Merchant feeding approximately 48,000 of our items directly into Google Shopping. Our e-commerce website is also highly optimized for SEO. Even with no advertising today, we get steady daily traffic already.

What makes us unique is the custom Inventory Management System that links our database of several hundred thousand items into our vendors systems to keep our pricing and stock status in near real-time sync. I have a programming (and marketing) background, so I developed and programmed the entire system myself. It continues to evolve and improve to this day.

My goal has been 100% automation of everything I have developed. This has allowed me to keep overhead very low. Aside from my wife and I, I have one contractor on staff that fills orders and tracks shipments. My wife and I spend a few hours a day handling customer service. That's it for the day-to-day. I spend the weekends working on the system - adding more vendors, items, tweaking pricing, etc.

With that said, my wife and I still have full-time positions so we do not depend on this business for our livelihood. Therefore, our #1 priority is to repay the investment before taking anything out of the business ourselves.

We are making enough gross profit right now to meet the terms of this loan. So even with no growth, repayment will not be a problem. However, I have several plans to continue growth. Especially once we have the capital to actually grow...


$623,000 Sales


  • Launched our business.

    January, 2014
  • $188,000 in sales for the year.

    December, 2014
  • $623,000 in sales for the year.

    December, 2015
  • Launched e-commerce website.

    July, 2016