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Healthy Tree PHC, Inc

Healthy Tree PHC, Inc

"Name Brand Products for Working, Playing and Preserving the Great Outdoors"

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Elevator Pitch

Healthy Tree PHC, Inc is building an automated cash flow machine and is poised to expload in 2019. Product offerings currently at 25,000 SKU's will double, as will plan revenues in FY2019.

Company Overview

Healthy Tree PHC, Inc. was originally founded in August 2016 to be a small scale service organization providing plant health care services (spray and chemical applications to trees & shrubs) to residential and commercial customers in the Tidewater Virginia marketplace. Planned operations were to begin in the spring of 2017. Prior to beginning those operations, the company was presented with the opportunity to enter into distributorship agreements with several manufacturers of proprietary turf and onamental pesticides. The company quickly shifted its planning and operational activities to take advantage of this opportunity.

The company chose to access the market for our initial product lines through internet sales channels such as Amazon, E-bay, Etsy and others. It soon became glaringly obvious to management that Healthy Tree's core business was now e-commerce (selling products on the internet) and logistics (quickly getting those products to an ever impatient consumer end-user). With this realization, but with some very important caveats, came the realization the products we sell have now to some degree become irrelevant. As long as our products meet certain profitability and shipping criteria or, and/or are those which can be efficiently and profitably dropshipped, we have to seriously consider adding them to our product mix.

Because the company very quickly established good relationships with its initial manufacturers, more opportunities have become available to add further manufacturers and/or the complete product lines of larger distributors (higher in the logistics chain) to our own current product offerings. The company now has the ability to offer a much wider group of products to consumers via the internet and is focusing on building the Healthy Tree brand as the "Go To" web provider for consumers and businesses who work, play and preserve the great outdoors.

The company currently has national distributorships with the following manufacturers:

  • JJ Mauget Company - (Tree Injection Technology)
  • Rainbow Tree Care Science - (Proprietary Tree and Shrub Soil Injection Products)
  • HD Hudson Manufacturing - (Hudson Commercial and Residental Sprayers)
  • Felco Professional Pruning Products

And has dealer agreements with:

  • Forestry Suppliers
  • Ben Meadows
  • RBI Corp

As of the writing of this plan, and with the aid of almost 2 years of operational history, Healthy Tree's management believes the operational and financial analysis of this history provides the blueprint for a phenomenal business model which combimnes dropshipping with the company's own logistical and warehousing operations. This combination will ultimately create an Automated Cash Flow Machine permitting the company to grow rapidly with limited overhead and personnel.

* It is important to note for this and several narratives throughout this plan, management is speaking in terms of the company's initial and current product offerings, which represent only a fraction of the future and potential product offerings the company now has available and stands ready to offer upon reaching our key technology milestones in this plan.

** Plan Update October 2018

Healthy Tree is pleased to announce that in September 2018, the company entered into a dealer agreement with CWR Wholesale Distribution. CWR is a wholesale distributor of a wide variety of Outdoor Recreational products including Marine Electronics, Boating, Camping, Sailing, Paddlesports and other outdoor recreational products. Mangement believes the product mix offered by CWR is a perfect fit for Healthy Tree's long-term strategy of offering products for people who Work, Playand Preserve the great outdoors.

In addition to their product mix, CWR is exactly the kind of solid supplier management looks for in our search for compatibnle partners. This means their business model is stictly B2B wholesale and has the inventory, logistical and most importantly, the technical support to meet Healthy Tree's automation goals. With direct online feeds to our webstores, Healthy Tree will have direct access to CWR's inventory and will be able to sell from it directly, as well as to automatically send purchase orders, upload tracking information and completely fulfill customer orders without any direct input from Healthy Tree's staff. The company has already processed several orders with CWR and the speed and efficiency of the fulfillment process was impressive. This dealer arrangement provides Healthy Tree access to almost 5,000 SKU's which include a wide variety of nationally recognizable brands.


Healthy Tree was formed in August of 2016, In early 2017, Healthy Tree PHC, Inc. was presented with the opportunity to enter into distributorship agreements with several manufacturers of turf and onamental pesticides.

Since then the company has added additional distributorships and now has the ability to offer a much wider group of products to business and retail consumers via the internet and strategically located brick and mortar warehouses. The company is focusing on these main objectives over the course of our plan:

  • Achieving the company's sales goals, (2019 projected Revenues $700,000)
  • Building and Growing the Healthy Tree brand and expanding our product offerings to become the "Go To" web provider of products for commercial and retail consumers who work, preserve and play in the great outdoors.
  • Profitably structuring the company's product lines, establishing our strategic warehousing and sales locations, and implementing the technology and internal processes to efficiently and profitably achieve our sales goals and deliver our product offerings.


While management initially considered the company's target market to be the commercial turf and ornamental segment of the existing $81 billion US pesticide market, the company soon expanded that view and now includes the additional following market segments.

  • Green Industy Spray Application Equipment
  • Industrial Safety Equipment
  • Outdoor Gear & Clothing
  • Outdoor Recreational Products
  • Consumer Electronics

Throughout our plan management recognizes and discusses the nature of our core business, e-commerce and its inherent fierce competition. We have identified several current competitors with respect to our initial product lines and within our current sales channels and discuss them in greater detail in our plan. Management is certain the names and faces of specific competition for any given product line will fluctuate over time. They regularly change now as sellers both enter and leave the marketplaces and/or their available inventory changes. Management does not see this changing the competitive environment in general.

Our approach to operating is this demanding environment is to:

  • Keep, Source and Add Strong Manufacturing Partners with Solid National Brands,
  • Leverage Existing Barriers to Entry,
  • Build a National Sales Team with a Vested Interest in the Company's Success & Profitability,
  • Continually Evaluate and Improve Our Strategic Processes


  • Move Headquarters and Staff East Coast Shipping facility

    April, 2019
  • Complete permanent financing activities

    March, 2019
  • Implement new PPC stratefies to drive traffic

    February, 2019
  • Complete launch of New Interactive Webstore

    January, 2019
  • Add and Staff Elk Grove Village, Illinois Warehouse

    January, 2019

Key Customers & Partners

JJ Mauget Company HD Hudson Rainbow Treecare Science Silky Felco Abu Garcia Bushnell Coleman Klein Tools Minn Kota


12/24/2018 Amazon Customer Feedback
12/24/2018 Amazon Customer Feedback
Amazon Customer 113-0855596-0588265
"Zoom. Fast shipping. Good price. Arrived in good comdition"
sstechgroup (E-Bay Buyer ID)
sstechgroup (E-Bay Buyer ID)
12/15/2018 Ebay Customer Feedback
"Great Seller - Super Fast Shipping A+++ Silky Telescoping Pole Saw Hayate 420 20-Feet 372-42, US version (#264088075458) US $369.95"
11/17/2018 Amazon Customer Feedback
11/17/2018 Amazon Customer Feedback
Amazon Customer 111-9068236-2026652
"Healthy Tree was very helpful when I called them with my concerns, will use this company again."

Previous Funding

  • $100,000 Debt
  • Raise Source: Other
  • November 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more Information about Healthy Tree PHC, Inc.

The company's Chief Operating Officer can be reached at and is available to speak to potential investors upon requests via initial email contact.

What has been Healthy Tree's sales growth since inception.

Healthy Tree PHC Inc was formed in August of 2016, but did not acquire its initial distributorships until late Q1 of 2017. Sales for that partial year 2017 were 108K. Sales for the full year 2018 came in at 350K, falling somewhat short of the company's projection of 400K. The company was hindered in its ability to make a great number of product offerings available as it sought out a reliable software partner to manage its vast number of SKUs

When will Healthy Tree achieve profitability?

While the company has achieved profitability in severaal months during FY2018, ongoing profitability should be achieved in FY2019 as the company restructures its short-term debt, adds available but un-offered SKU's to its product offerings to remove some of the seasonal nature of its initial product lines, and achieves plan sales volume.

Risks & Disclosures

  1. The company used alternative lending sources (such as Kabbage, Amazon Lending etc..) to finance initial operations, start-up losses, inventory growth and working capital. These loans carry high interest rates, which the company needs to restructure by the end of Q1 2019.
  2. The company needs to add staff in order to achieve 2019 plan results. Staff additions are contigent on company meeting its financing and capital raising goals.