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Health Hero

Health Hero

Employee & Patient Engagement. On Demand.

Tampa, Florida, US

healthcare, health and wellness, business to business, tech startup

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Company Overview

3.16 Billion people in the world work for businesses that don't have effective wellness programs. Wellness programs are the only way to reduce healthcare costs.

Health Hero, Inc is a global health engagement & behavior change technology company that supports organization's employee wellness goals across the country. We help businesses improve the health of their people in the simplest & most rewarding way possible.

The Problem We Solve

The market that we are addressing is preventative health. $2.7T (~20% of US GDP) is spent every year on US healthcare. 75% of these healthcare costs are tied to chronic preventable illnesses. Health solutions that change habits are in demand more than ever.

Healthcare Reform (Affordable Care Act) gives companies more leverage to reduce healthcare costs, but companies need a simple way to manage the health of their employees where they never had to in the past. We make administration super simple to manage with our brilliantly engineered & beautifully designed Enterprise SaaS solution. We call it "Wellness in a Box".

The global consumer wellness total addressable market is $24 billion. 5% of the total addressable market is $1.2B. The serviceable obtainable market is $200M.

Where we are going / "The Vision" - With the "Internet of Things" (IoT) market slated to be $154B by 2020, we have seen organizations wanting to use sensors to engage their customers in various ways. We have evolved Health Hero to include population health, consumer retail, gyms/coaching, and other verticals.

A Wellness Program Employees Love

Complete Employee Wellness Engagement for your workforce and their families. Health Hero is the simplest, most fun, and most rewarding employee wellness experience for your people.

Your Brand. Your Culture. Your People.

Easy, intuitive, and seamless. Health Hero puts all of the people, information, and apps you need right in front of you, so health improvement happens faster - from anywhere. Industries of all sizes and geographic spreads use Health Hero every day, changing how employees and their families compete, connect, and get challenged.

Step 1) Know

Health Risk Assessments, Cultural Assessment, & Biometric Screenings.

Step 2) Go

We help you figure out what the right mix of wellness programming is for your workforce. All supported with a custom wellness platform.

Step 3) Grow

Incentives (Ex. HSA), ROI Analysis, Healthy Rewards, and Real Time Insights.

Choose Your Own Adventure

We integrate with All Health Apps, Devices, and Pedometers.


A Super Team that Cares

Based in beautiful Tampa, Florida we are a passionate team of leaders & behavior change technologists with over 40+ years of combined experience in Employee Wellness, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Data Science, and Global Product Innovation. We exist to improve the lives & purpose of millions of families around the world. We are talking about saving real lives here, and doing so in the simplest, most rewarding, and loving way possible.

Looking to improve productivity & reduce healthcare costs at your company? Visit us at


1 Issued Patents
400% ROI

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Health Hero trends on Angel List

April, 2015

Rob Panepinto, healthcare tech industry veteran, signs as Executive Chairman of Health Hero and lead investor

April, 2015

Leading state wide PEO & Benefits Brokers agrees to leveraging Health Hero as a white label solution.

January, 2015

US Insurance Carrier signs LOI for Health Hero to be their health engagement platform

April, 2015

2 New Healthcare Industry Veterans secured as investors. Both exited entrepreneurs in Health Tech.

April, 2015

2 new LOI(s) supporting an additional $75K a month in potential revenue, 3 year contracts.

April, 2015

$25B+ Global Restaurant Chain agrees to Health Hero pilot

March, 2015

90+ year Employee Benefits Firm agrees to Private Label Health Hero product

March, 2015

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida as an Investor & Partner

February, 2015

25% MoM company growth

February, 2015

Team comprised of former HP, Google, Apple, Nielsen, Zipcar, and Johnson & Johnson employees

February, 2015

Healthbox/Florida Blue Global Accelerator Program

February, 2015

New Global Client Signed: The Peninsula Hotels group operates prestigious luxury properties in nine major cities across the globe.

February, 2015

Health Hero selected for consumer wellness pilot for $2B+ national retail company

February, 2015

Top 5 startup - SharkTank Tampa starring Kevin Harrington:

January, 2015

City of St. Pete agrees to leverage Health Hero for "Healthy City" Consumer Wellness Initiative (200K Citizens),

January, 2015

Strategic Partnerships signed with Global Enterprise SaaS companies:,, and

November, 2014

Health Hero releases the world's first Open API for Employee & Consumer Wellness:

November, 2014

Health Hero releases Native iOS and Android Apps. Available in all countries, world wide. iOS:

October, 2014

Health Hero integrates with 99% of the Health Apps & Fitness Devices on the market

October, 2014

Non-provisional Patent Filed, Behavior Change Technology

September, 2014

Product Launch Day with Florida Blue Executive Team & Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn:

August, 2014

Start of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida/Healthbox Accelerator Program:

August, 2014

Health Hero CEO Anthony Diaz quits his 6 figure job to laser focus on his passion of making millions of families healthier over the next 23

August, 2014

Platform Ready & Complete:

January, 2014

Paying & Engaged Customers

January, 2014

Health Hero agrees to run consumer wellness pilot for $2B+ national retail company

February, 2015


Health Hero is the world’s first health & wellness platform that allows companies to deploy beautiful & sophisticated health experiences in under a minute.
Anthony Diaz CEO
Anthony Diaz
Health Hero has been successful in connecting with a good number of large employers and health benefits brokers involved in workplace wellness. We like the company and product very much.
David Pizzo Market President
David Pizzo
"Health Hero that has a very interesting approach to employee wellness with a prime focus on productivity and culture improvement. They offer wellness programs to businesses across the country with 3x the engagement than the average wellness program."
Ateet Adhikari Director at Healthbox
Ateet Adhikari
"Health Hero is doing great! We are very pleased with the program's success."
Renee Finley Vice President of Innovation at Florida Blue
Renee Finley
"I believe greatly in what Health Hero is doing"
Mark Stryker Chief Business Development Officer
Mark Stryker
"We are very anxious to develop a partnership with you."
Olga DiGina GSO, ADP
Olga DiGina
"I believe greatly in what Health Hero is doing"
Ted Dacko Former CEO of HealthMedia (Sold to J&J)
Ted Dacko
"We're excited to see how IBM Watson can be leveraged to achieve the Health Hero product vision."
Runbin D. IBM Watson Lead
Runbin D.
"The Health Hero program changed my life. I lost over 21lbs in less than 12 weeks!"
Scott Vice President
"Health Hero is a fun & engaging wellness program our company loves"
Valerie W. Head of Human Resources
Valerie W.
"Lots of entrepreneurs like Health Hero are making the gutsy decision to start a company and the community is starting to rally around it."
George Gordon Program Director at Healthbox
George Gordon
"Highly impressed with the passion & vision of the founders."
Marvin Scaff Co-Founder at myNFO
Marvin Scaff


Team Member Name

Santhi Chilukuri, PA

Customer Success

Santhi is a physicians assistant focused on medical advisory, customer experience, implementation, and investor relations at Health Hero. An individual contr... Read More
Team Member Name
Brent is head of Legal Counsel & IP at Health Hero. Studied at MIT. He helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into companies and practices intellectual property and ... Read More
Team Member Name

Rosa Quintela, CPA

Finance & Accounting

Rosa serves as finance & accounting lead at Health Hero. Rosa M Quintela received her degree in Business Administration from the University of South Florida ... Read More