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DirectPay Healthcare. Remove costly administrative layers. Save. Simple

Santa Monica, California, US

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Company Overview

Healora removes costs and confusion to make healthcare procedures affordable. Doctors earn their full fees and patients & employers save up to 70% with one all-inclusive price.

When you go to the doctor the charge is 3x or more than the government price (if you are under 65). Doctors hate those middle layers of admin, billing, insurance, and collection, more than you. Removing those middle layers saves patients money. Healora doctors do not take discounts. Healora's direct network removes all those costly administrative layers. This allows up to 70% savings to go to the patient. Patients connect directly with one total price from the specialist they need without any hidden costs or fees. Patients choose their service, choose their doctor and pay directly for substantially less. Patients aren't limited to their "in-network" choices. Doctors perform services without costly administrative and billing burdens. Employers save money because their employees get far more healthcare. Complete transparency. Everyone wins!


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Validated by doctors throughout Los Angeles with our first 100 registrations across all 25 of the AMA specialties.

November, 2016

Company official launch in Santa Monica with panel event of supporters from Kaiser Permanente, Vesalius Ventures, Biocom, LACMA and LAVA.

September, 2016

Won award for most innovative healthcare technology at the prestigious IDEAS Los Angeles annual conference sponsored by Tel Aviv University.

June, 2016

Website built and deployed with mobile responsive development planned for March 2017.

May, 2016

Endorsed as member partner by LACMA (Los Angeles County Medical Assn) to help in their fight to improve and reduce the cost of healthcare.

April, 2016

Company founded and launched with patented algorithm to reduce the price of healthcare by up to 70% using prepaid cash pricing.

February, 2016


LACMA is always looking for new innovations to create a better Healthcare experience for our Doctors, medical organizations and patients. Healora connects Doctors with a network of direct pay patients, avoiding the costly bureaucratic administrative burden associated with the business of patient care. In a world where we have so much to do HEALORA offers the ability to get back some time by removing the intermediaries to directly connect the doctor and patient to improve healthcare for everyone.
Gustavo Friederichsen Los Angeles County Medical Association, CEO
Gustavo Friederichsen
There are some Physicians that complain about what is going wrong with Health Care today and many physicians that are doing something about it. What is there to think about? HEALORA is creating a private pay system for Physicians that let them make a fair wage and deliver higher quality care for a lower price.
Andrew Altholz MD Credit, CEO
Andrew Altholz
As the Doctors business development consultant I love that HEALORA has provided this direct pay network to match up new patients with so many of our great doctors. Patients search procedures and doctor specialties to receive the best cash prices from local doctors. Patients get the lowest price available and our doctors avoid up to 60% of the administrative and billing costs they would normally incur. Doctors pass all that savings directly to the patient which lets the doctors focus on care.
James Sheldon The Sheldon Group, Managing Director
James Sheldon
As a Doctor with over 30 years practice I have always believed in fair pricing for patients. I have also been frustrated by the additional costs, expenses and the costly administrative burdens that we Doctors incur just to do our job. HEALORA now helps me spend more time treating patients rather than working on the business of healthcare. My reduced administrative costs are passed directly to my Healora patients as actual reduced pricing.
Julian Henley M.D. Healora, Co-Founder
Julian Henley M.D.
I don’t have a lot of money right now but at the age of 56 I collapsed and had to go to my Doctor. Surprise. I got a bill for $6,000 and my deductible is $8,000. Healthcare is broken. I wish I had known that I could have got the same medical help for less than $3,000 on my credit card through HEALORA.
Patient Independent Lyft Driver


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Rashmi Bhargav

Strategic Marketing Specialist

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Jim Sheldon

Physician Development

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Stephanie Do

Operations Manager

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Diane Jungers

Marketing Manager

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