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It's like Apple and Tesla designed a house

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Elevator Pitch - Freedom Delivered.

Company Overview mOne

There is a Big Opportunity in a Huge Market

Huge Market mTwo is an Off-the-Grid Manufactured House.

It is fully assembled and equipped at the factory and delivered ready-to-go.

This off-the-grid 800 sq.ft. house can be delivered next day from the stock.

No hook-ups, Zero Onsite Construction.

Product Key Value key values

Our Mission

We aim to redefine the way people think of buying a new home and make homeownership a breeze.

Passionate about details we create the self contained living space and make freedom delivered to every customer.

We have strong competitive advantages

1. Labor cost decreased to 10%, compared with 65% average in US construction industry.

2. Energy efficiency design is better than 2030 US requirements.

3. We created proprietary scalable quality self-controlled system.

4. Thinking differently is the most competitive advantage. SKD

Our Product Is Revolutionary Different

1. NO ENERGY BILLS - SOLAR ENERGY ONLY. Our homes are fully off-the-grid and self-sustainable.

2. ZERO ONSITE CONSTRUCTION - can be delivered and installed in hours.

3. Ready to Use - Furniture, electronics, smart home & WINE GLASSES INCLUDED.

4. Fully autonomous HAUS OPERATING SYSTEM, makes home efficient.

5. Our homes will withstand hurricanes and earthquakes. They are 100% ZOMBIE PROOF.

6. Healthy - home systems provide 99.9% PROTECTION from bacteria and viruses.

7. LONG-LIFE WARRANTY - designed to last 10x longer than traditional construction. models

We Know How to Manage Product Quality as Perfectionists: video

Perfect Product Perfectly Delivered: delivery

We have Strong Traction traction

Multiple sources of revenue financials

<1% market share = over 100x return on investment! return

Why to invest in

Our Press

press about team crowd


  • is a new brand of PassivDom.

    September, 2019
  • First shipped house to customer. All Building Codes and requirements fulfilled.

    August, 2019
  • Total 12,000 buyers requests received without any advertising

    August, 2019
  • New SKD assembly partnership announced

    May, 2019
  • Significant manufacturing process update: Labor cost decreased to 4.3%, Manufacturing time decreased to 14 days

    March, 2019
  • upgraded Experimental Prototype unit manufacturing in Reno, Nevada

    September, 2018
  • R&D Department Received Second Government Grant EBRD Bank

    March, 2018
  • First 5,000 buyers requests worldwide

    January, 2018
  • First 3,000,000 viral visits (no advertisement) on our First concept website

    December, 2017
  • Financial Times & Google award “Top 100 Europe’s emerging technology stars”

    November, 2017
  • R&D Department Received Government Grant Horizon2020

    October, 2017
  • First Prototype manufactured and tested. Positive feedback from PH Institute (Germany), Zurich University (Switzerland), Stanford University

    August, 2017
  • 3D printing construction and Energy Efficiency patents. R&D process, testing features

    March, 2016
  • Autonomous 3D-Printed Off-the-Grid Smart House concept world premiere.

    March, 2016

Pitch Deck

Press Mentions

Key Customers & Partners

Orbital Systems Philips Miele Apple Sonos BYD Control4 Nest KNX SIEMENS Villeroy & Boch AWAIR Mitsubishi Sonnen Blume LG Solar BASF SCHUCO


Edward Yu
Edward Yu
VP at Hanergy Thin Film Power America
"Bright young entrepreneur, brilliant business idea , cutting edge technology , creative new products !"
Andrew Sorohan
Andrew Sorohan
Economic Program Coordinator at WNISEF fund
"Advances in 3-D printing, smart-house capabilities, vacuum-insulation, and energy-efficiency and self-sustainability systems, team is engaged in innovation in the residential housing and construction sectors which is leading the way in these industries across the world."
Dr. Daniel M. Hall
Dr. Daniel M. Hall
Prof. architecture Stanford & Zurich Unvrsity
"My professional opinion of team members originality and impact in the innovation and research sectors is based on they impressive record of innovation in these areas, and it is also grounded on my own experience, expertise, and engagement of research to improve the productivity of project teams involved in designing, building, and operating facilities and to enhance the sustainability of the built environment. "
Alex Yurchak
Alex Yurchak
CEO of Association of Industrial Automation
" team - one of Western Europe foremost engineers and entrepreneurs in the residential housing modernization space, with a specific focus on energy efficiency and sustainability through the use of smart hardware and next-generation materials. They work is a radical departure and improvement upon existing construction and energy efficiency/utilization methods and has placed not only his company but also Ukraine on the map as a hub of innovation in this area. "
Sheldon Mudd
Sheldon Mudd
Exec.Director at Nevada Development Authority
"In our effort to create and facilitate the most-friendly possible climate for business expansion and growth in Northeastern Nevada, sustainable housing options are one of the most significant challenges and (if we can resolve that hurdle) benefits that we can leverage to encourage business and community development in our region. . Thanks in large part to the novel and forward-thinking work of entrepreneurs such as Mr. Gerbut, & team I can say that we do indeed! "

Previous Funding

  • $500,000 SAFE Note
  • Raise Source: Friends
  • October 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this a good idea, right now? What changed in the world? Why wasn't this done a few years ago?

It is a huge problem in a huge market. America isn't building enough new housing. Millennials are about to get locked out of the real estate market again. Construction technologies progressing slowly. It is the most conservative, inefficient, and biggest industry in the world. We are connecting construction with self-sustainable technologies, AI software and best user experiences. It is not another iteration. It is a new generation of housing.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

We built a perfect team, thinking out of the box. We achieve a great market fit. 12,000+ buyers requests, 1600+ customers committed their time for test-driving. Our energy efficiency design is better than 2030 US requirements Labor cost decreased to 10%, compared with a 65% average construction industry in the US. We created a scalable model and multiple revenues: sales, services, HaaS for construction companies, and HAUS Operating System as recurring revenue.

How far along are you? What's your biggest obstacle?

Our biggest obstacle - people need to be educated about self-sustainable life. That is why we are going to create a test-drive experience for potential buyers, manufacturing test units in remote locations. We care about quality control. It is extremely important to create the best possible user experience on the market.

Who are your competitors? Who is the biggest threat?

Our competitors - prefab home manufacturing companies like BluHomes, Tech companies, who develop prefabricated solutions like Katerra, Lennar, Clayton Homes and Amazon, who are all interested in investing and dominating this space.

What do you understand that your competitors don't?

Thinking differently is the most competitive advantage. We created a proprietary scalable model and multiple revenues: sales, services, HaaS for construction companies, and HAUS Operating System as recurring revenue.

How will you make money?

Our business is like SaaS for the Construction industry, including Development of new products, Engineering smart IoT systems, Logistics, Software, and Cloud Services. Revenue streams: 1. House sales: we receive % of sales from local assembly partners and sell them all-in-one SKD house assembly KITs. 2. Recurring revenue from all connected houses (pre-installed self-diagnosis cloud system in each unit)

What are the biggest risks? If you fail, what would be the reason? What has to go right for you to succeed?

The biggest risks are: - to manage the supplier chain, timeline, logistics, components quality. - creating a remote network of assembling partners: quality control and logistics. - cloud software execution. It should be perfect to build the best possible user experience. - delivering

What do you need the most help with?

We are looking for help to build a partnership with existing custom home manufacturers, prefab home manufacturers, real estate agencies and platforms. We need early customers to teach predictive self-diagnosis system and cloud services - as a key factor for customer success.

What would you do with the money you raise?

1. Hire more talent. 2. Marketing: - Test-drive units installation (plan - 5 units: CA, NV, AZ, NY, FL in 2020) - Increase awareness by advertising, TV shows and podcasts, influencers 3. Certification and licensing (plan: CA, NV, AZ, NY, FL, CO - for 2020) 4. R&D: - Cloud Services development - HAUS “Housing As a Universal Service” development

What traction do you have up to date?

We have strong traction - in numbers: - 12000+ buyers requests - 1600+ customers committed their time for test-drive - 17+ years of team background in construction - 3.5 years of extensive R&D - $1.5M self-invested in prototyping and experiments. - 2 approved patents & 9 pending in development: - Established distribution center in Reno, NV - 3 prototype units successfully tested - Developed supply chain - US building codes fulfilled

Risks & Disclosures

Investment involves risk.

As a general rule, you should only investment in business(es) that you are familiar with and understand the risk associated with them. The risk warning described in each investment is not exhaustive, you should carefully consider your investment experience, financial situation, investment objective, risk tolerance level and consult your independent financial adviser as to the suitability of your situation prior making any investment.

1. The Company relies on third-party technology vendors. Any interruption in the availability of these services such as these could have a material negative impact on our ability to deliver service to users, as well as the profitability of these operations. Interruptions could occur due to both Internet outages as well as policy changes or terms violations according to these third parties. If any of these service providers should fail or change their offerings significantly, that would adversely affect our business.

2. We may be subject to future governmental regulations. Aspects of our business may be regulated at the local, state, and federal levels. The nature and scope of future legislation, regulations and programs cannot be predicted. While we anticipate that we and our products will be in compliance with all applicable governmental regulations, there still may be risks that such laws and regulations may change with respect to present or future operations. Such additional costs would increase the cost of investments and operations and decrease the demand for products and services. We will be ultimately responsible for compliance with such regulations and for obtaining and maintaining all required permits and licenses. Such compliance may be time-consuming and costly, and such expenses may materially affect our future ability to break even or generate profits. If our products become subject to new government regulation, our ability to profitably develop and market them may be impaired.

3. There can be no assurance that we will be successful in attracting and retaining other personnel we require to successfully grow our business. Our future success depends on the efforts of a small management team. The loss of services of the members of the management team may have an adverse effect on the company.

4. The statements presented in this Regulation Crowd Funding Offering may contain forward-looking statements. These statements may relate to future events, future partnerships, the future financial performance of the Company. However, any statements that are not statements of historical fact - including without limitation statements to the effect that the Company or its management "believes", "expects", "anticipates", "plans" (and similar expressions) - should be considered forward-looking statements. In the name of full transparency, there are a number of factors that could cause the Company’s actual results to differ materially from those indicated by the forward-looking statements.

5. Startups often depend on raising several rounds of additional capital until they’re profitable. There can be no assurance that we will be able to successfully raise operating capital. The Company may not be profitable for many years as most of its revenue and investment capital will be dedicated to growth. The failure to successfully raise operating capital could result in our bankruptcy or other event which would have a material adverse effect on us and our stockholders. We have no significant assets or financial resources, so the failure to raise sufficient operating capital could put your investment dollars at significant risk.

6. Security breaches and other disruptions could compromise our information and expose us to liability, which would cause our business and reputation to suffer. 100% security cannot be guaranteed even after taking every security precaution possible. Cyber-crimes are becoming increasingly common and aggressive which brings a parallel increase in risk.

7.Our future success depends on the efforts of a small management team. The loss of services of the members of the management team may have an adverse effect on the company. There can be no assurance that we will be successful in attracting and retaining other personnel we require to successfully grow our business.