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Hang w/

Hang w/

The Live-Streaming Mobile Platform with Celebrity Endorsers & Millions of Users

Fountain Valley, California, US

mobile, mobile advertising, media, live streaming, celebrity, tech startup, video streaming, Advertising & Marketing, live broadcasting

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Company Overview

Hang w/ has solved the dilemma facing today's pop culture influencers

How to stay relevant with fresh, new, authentic content - and also get paid for their craft, their art, their influence and their time?

Hang w/ is live-streaming video from one to many, creating authentic, human and engaging social media relationships - with a monetization layer built in. Hang w/ attracts influencers who use the platform to connect with their fan bases. Many of the fans themselves become broadcasters and develop followings of their own.

Broadcasts can be monetized via an integrated ad platform which runs highly targeted advertising before and after live broadcasts. Broadcasters can earn additional revenue through the sale of Pay-Per-View "Digital Tickets" and by receiving "Digital Tips" - both of which can be converted to cash.

The technology has been fine tuned and is scaling successfully. Originally developed in stealth mode, and then through a series of user-feedback-driven enhancements and iterations, the product has evolved to include a large number of unique functions and features customized for today's live broadcaster and viewer.

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Millions of users with more than 3,000,000 live broadcasts

November, 2015

Achieved 1 Million users in the first 9 months - faster than Twitter and Facebook

November, 2015

Average user session as high as 17+ minutes at 2-3 sessions per day

November, 2015

Patents filed over 2 years ago ahead of Twitter's Periscope and other live streaming services

November, 2015

Users were found to be 361x more likely to "Tune In" on Hang w/ than to "retweet" on Twitter

November, 2015

A Hang w/ 50 Cent concert from SXSW resulted in 50,000+ simultaneous live streams

November, 2015

Official Live Streaming Partner for events such as Style Fashion Week, Cupid's Undie Run, Bottle Rocket and Mysteryland

November, 2015


I believe we are entering a golden age in technology. Creative minds are harnessing what's possible to take human relationships to the next level. Hang w/ weaves together some of the most powerful technological elements – including mobility, social media and live streaming – into one platform.
Jared Leto Advisor
Jared Leto
Hang w/ fits seamlessly into my overall business strategy. I see ways to use it to promote my headphones, apparel, energy shots, film and TV projects, my boxers, and even my philanthropic endeavors.
Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson Investor/Advisor
I’ve seen the power of social media and how a simple tweet or Instagram pic can bring awareness to an album. I think Hang w/ takes things to the next level. I believe the entertainment industry will line up behind this application and I intend to be at the head of the line.
Timothy "Timbaland" Mosley Investor/Advisor