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HALI Capital Group MLP Fund

HALI Capital Group MLP Fund

Helping Charities become more sustainable by investing in the backbone of the American Economy, Small Business

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Company Overview


HALI Capital Group is a unique breed of investment fund. HALI Capital provides a gateway to solutions from two different fronts. First, HALI Capital helps Charitable Organizations the consultation for endowment creation, evaluation of the long term expense needs of the charity and investment management services to achieve long term expenses needs. This program, tailored towards smaller Charitable Organizations helps to achieve critical mission support for the organization allowing them to be more effective in full filling their mission and in the end having a greater impact on those they serve.

Our second front, invests in the very backbone of the US economy, small business utilizing the cash assets of the Charitable Organizations and other private investors. By blending tried and true investment principals and philosophies with a fresh approach to private equity investing through smaller size companies, we are able to capitalize on the opportunity at hand and create safe, long term yields for our Charitable Organizations we support, while boosting employment in the sectors we invest.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple yet powerful. HALI Capital invests in and acquires smaller, agile companies that are poised for long term cash flow and capital growth. HALI Capital uses active trust building and high efficiency operating techniques to build an innovating employee base to take our portfolio companies back into a growth stage and bring profits to the next level.

"Elephants don't gallop - but fleas can jump to over two hundred times their own height" - Jim Slater

What sets us apart

What sets us apart from other PE firms is we always look for the opportunity to hold a company indefinitely. Simply put, we invest for the purposes of long term cash flow. By focusing of cash flow, we create long term sustainability in the companies we own. The effect is the creation of long term cash distributions that Charitable Organizations can count on to fulfill their missions.