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A publicly-traded venture fund investing in global technology

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Company Overview

HACK Fund is a publicly-traded venture fund built by the creators of Hackers/Founders, the largest network of entrepreneurs in the world.

HACK Fund invests in startups globally and helps them scale to Silicon Valley and beyond. Using a proven portfolio selection process, HACK Fund chooses post-revenue companies with product and the capacity to grow up to 30%. In addition, the fund will use of arbitrage between global markets and Silicon Valley to increase company valuations from 2x-10x.

With 8 exits out of 55 investments, the fund has returned an annualized IRR of over 30% for 6 years running.


  • Global Presence - Offices in Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Mexico, Dubai
  • Cutting-Edge Tech - Blockchain, AI, Hardware, AgTech, and more
  • Global Arbitrage: 2x to 10x difference in valuations between SV and Emerging Markets
  • Vodafone Partnership -- Scaling our portfolio companies to $100M in revenue via 100+ telcos and 1.2 Billion customers
  • Proprietary deal flow -- Global network of over 300k entrepreneurs, in more than 140 cities
  • Public listing unlocks global liquidity
  • Operation expenses repaid from management profits
  • Perpetual Capital: Income from Exits and IPOs reinvested
  • UK compliance and transparency

Track Record

  • 4 Funds
  • 55 Companies
  • 8 Exits
  • Including Acquisitions from Facebook and Cisco
  • ~30% IRR for previous investors 6 years running

Fund Overview

  • We invest in highly-vetted, post-revenue technology startups that are primed to grow 30%
  • Market arbitrage: companies from other markets with equal traction are valued higher in Silicon Valley
  • Typical initial investment by HACK: $25K-$250K Seed, $500K-$10M Series A.


30% ROI
20 Employees

Pitch Deck


Vodafone Tomorrow Street
Vodafone Tomorrow Street
"Vodafone Tomorrow Street is delighted that our global relationship with Hackers and Founders will provide our growing portfolio of startups access to the highly innovative Hack Fund vehicle for their potential future funding requirements."
The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal
"Unlike typical venture funds, HACK Fund will allow quick liquidity for investors — a new type of investing in the startup world. It could eventually event affect how startups build their companies..."
Alpha Omega Capital Partners
Alpha Omega Capital Partners
"We invested and became a strategic partner in HACK Fund because we firmly believe they are the future of venture capital. They have the Hackers/Founders global community, exiting seven companies, and for the first time true secondary market liquidity. We're all excited and honored to be on this journey with them and can't wait to see the founders they back and investors they make happy. "
"The idea behind Hack Fund is quite interesting. In most cases investing in a company leads to up to ten years of waiting for a liquidity event. However, with blockchain-based stock certificates investors can buy shares that can be bought and sold instantly while company performance drives the value up or down. In short, startups become liquid in an instant..."
"Jonathan Nelson and his team are embracing the future of security tokens and helping progress the blockchain ecosystem in a meaningful way. Liquidity in venture capital is opening up early-stage investing across emerging startup hubs. We are proud to be an investor in HACK Fund and back to founders across the globe."