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H/F Advance Fund

H/F Advance Fund

5% Equity in the Top 20 Startups in Hackers/Founders Co-op 2016 Portfolio

Mountain View, California, US

software, healthcare, fundraising, hardware, enterprise software, incubator, fund, seed fund, accelerator

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Company Overview

One Investment. Top 20 Startups.

Advance Fund is a fund that holds 5% equity in the top 20 startups in Hackers/Founders Co-op 2016 portfolio (i.e. the 20 companies listed to the right under Key Customers & Partners).

Our Co-op companies are chosen via a bias-free process, drawing from a pool of over 200,000 founders worldwide.

What is the H/F Co-op?
A Founder's Co-operative providing shared economics and consulting services to high-growth technology companies. Hackers/Founders provides startups rapid globalization as a service.

In 3 years, H/F Co-op has a portfolio of:

  • 40 Startups
  • $400+ Million Market Cap
  • $60+ Million Raised
  • 4 Exits

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In 3 years, H/F Co-op has a portfolio of 40 startups with a combined market cap of $400,000,000+

January, 2016

Portfolio companies have raised an aggregate of $60,000,000 to date

January, 2016

4 portfolio companies have been acquired including one by Facebook

January, 2016

Portfolio companies have a survival rate of 85% after 24 months, and 75% after 48 months

January, 2016


Portfolio companies are now worth over $400 million, raised over $60 million and 4 have been acquired. Hackers/Founders has grown to 104 chapters worldwide, with the network crossing 50,000 companies globally.
Jonathan Nelson Co-Founder at Hackers/Founders
Jonathan Nelson