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Born in the USA - growing finfish & shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico - offshore FlorAbama - to be USDA insured & investor backed by BP lawsuit.

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Company Overview

GMIT - Largest sea-farming project in the USA - Gulf of Mexico

Published in Aquaculture North American

Article to be released -- August 2016

GMIT intends to launch the first organic, USDA crop insured and loan guaranteed, commercial fish farming operations for growing Gulf of Mexico finfish and shrimp in FY 2016-2017.

GMIT owns the only US Army Corps of Engineers-Section 10 and US Environmental Protection Agency-NPDES permits to a 27.5 acre commercial sea farming site located 10 miles south of the Florida/Alabama state line.

Gulf Marine Institute of Technology (GMIT), as a 501 C-3 non-profit research institute is developing technology and commercially profitable efforts to harness aquaculture in a unique production program that tames fast-growing Gulf of Mexico finfish like “cobia” and shrimp using offshore decommissioned oil platforms AND/OR jack-up platform service vessels as a research and project management base for establishing sea cage farming operations.


3 Issued Patents

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