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Greyter Water Systems Inc.

Greyter Water Systems Inc.

Creating Water Efficient Communities

Company Overview

Business Summary

  • Greyter Water Systems Inc. offers water recovery management solutions which save money by reducing the water demands of commercial and residential buildings.
  • The Greyter HOME product is a first of its kind residential greywater recycling solution that reduces interior household water consumption by up to 30%, allowing builders to create water efficient communities while meeting municipal demands.
  • By capturing greywater and other sources such as rainwater, Greyter’s Commercial Buildings line of packaged solutions can supply all of the water for a building’s toilet flushing, irrigation and other uses.

Company Background

  • Founded in 2012
  • While developing the Greyter HOME product over the past 5 years, the company focused sales on its Commercial Buildings business, where its current product offering is strong and highly competitive.
  • The Greyter HOME greywater reuse solution was revealed in 2016 and was selected in January 2017 by the National Association of Home Builders as 2017’s IBS "Best Green Building Product".

Problem and Solution

  • Increased water consumption, water scarcity and the demands on municipal water infrastructure have led to the trend towards sustainable green building, rising water rates, and the incentive for installing water-recycling solutions.
  • Why do we flush toilets with perfectly good drinking water? And why are we sending greywater from showers and baths directly to the sewer? With the Greyter HOME, you don’t have to. By capturing and treating greywater from showers and baths, the Greyter HOME is the single greatest water conservation appliance within the home – capable of supplying all of the water for toilet flushing needs.
  • The Greyter HOME has been designed to include a sophisticated programmed water management system that controls the recycling and treatment of greywater, a patent pending water savings intake filter and a proprietary ultra-filtration membrane. Two international patents are pending.

Market Opportunity

  • More than any other time in history, there is the desire and mounting pressure to find ways to conserve and reuse water. The trends toward green building, rising water rates, and growing government incentives for installing water-recycling solutions has meant that marketing a master-planned community as greywater ready has never been more popular than it is now.
  • The Greyter HOME helps home builders leverage municipalities when it comes to draft plan approvals for subdivisions (i.e. expedited permits, allocation incentives, site service incentives)
  • With over one million new homes built each year in the United States and Canada, there is a $1 Billion addressable market in North America alone.

Competitive Advantage

  • The Greyter HOME is the first, practical, affordable, low maintenance solution designed to effectively meet high water quality standards (NSF global standard).
  • Greyter’s team has considerable experience in offering onsite water reuse solutions, having executed a strategy focused on delivering turnkey commercial buildings solutions designed to each customer’s project specifications

Business Model & Use of Funds

  • Greyter’s strategy is to ramp up revenue and cash flow from its residential business. Once certified NSF 350, Greyter HOME will be marketed and sold directly to large scale production builders in the United States and Canada driving sales and profits.
  • Greyter’s Commercial Building systems will continue to be sold through its own sales force to construction engineers, architects and contractors who construct and renovate commercial buildings.


  • Founded in 2012, co-incident with the acquisition of the assets of Brac System’s greywater and rainwater recycling systems.

    January, 2013
  • After years of development, the Greyter HOME greywater recycling system was revealed in 2016

    July, 2016
  • A Greyter HOME demo unit is installed for simulated field testing within a model home at KB Home's LA development called "Centerpointe".

    November, 2016
  • The Greyter HOME was selected by the National Association of Home Builders as 2017’s Best Green Building Product at the IBS in Orlando

    January, 2017