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Grays Pharamaceuticals

Grays Pharamaceuticals

Licensed medicinal cannabis producer. We are in a JV in Lesotho and have a facility in South Africa that requires development.

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Elevator Pitch

We have a quality management team with a clear value proposition and we're funding a project, which will achieve absolute financial success whilst making a social impact.

Company Overview

Our company is a collective of highly decorated finance, business and agricultural professionals. Our aim is to take advantage of a highly profitable commodity and implement cost-leadership as well as product differentiation strategies.

We'll produce 76.32 tonnes of dry-weight cannabis over the first 5 years of production, which holds a value of 1.3 billion Rands (88 million USD), our projected ROI is 575% and our payback period is 14 months.

We'll be contributing to social factors as our product will be used to treat symptoms of cancer, Parkinson's, Chrons disease as well as various neurological disorders.

Our target market includes: North America, EU, Australasia. We hold pre-arranged off-take agreements.

We hold a joint-venture license in Lesotho as well as a property in South Africa, which we'll be developing to obtain SAPHRA licensing.

Key Customers & Partners

Pearl Gray Equity Partners Cannabis Compliance Bureau

Risks & Disclosures

Please view our detailed KRIs and risk management in the business plan.