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Gravity Pull Systems

Gravity Pull Systems

Additive Manufacturing Optimizer

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A problem that all additive manufacturing companies struggle with every day. We are the only one with a solution. We are looking for funds to gain traction and execute our initial pilot projects.

Company Overview

Additive Manufacturing is a highly complex process that results in countless variables that have to be taken into account.

We understand how challenging and critical it is to find the global optimum in your production workflow, while considering all variables and meeting all regulatory compliance requirements.

Our optimizer is the one software solution on the market that can truly optimize the manufacturing process for costs and machine utilization.

We have 3 patents in preparation for the algorithms behind the solution that we invented ourselves.

We already have a number of mid-large size companies in the pipeline who are eager to test our product.

Key Customers & Partners

Oerlikon AG

Risks & Disclosures

Although it is a widespread expectation that additive manufacturing (3D printing) will prevail in the long term, there is no guarantee that the industry as a whole will establish on a scale that makes our solution as significant as we think.