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World's First SMART Power Bank with AC Power (wall outlet). 2017 CES Innovation Award Honoree.

Company Overview

Gone are the days when binding yourself to a wall outlet for electricity is the norm— GoPlug powers mobility!

The GoPlug Smart Power Bank is a beautiful, intelligent and adaptable battery pack designed around the workflows of business professionals, photographers, creatives, travelers and commuters. It's more than just a battery, it's your day-to-day essential life saver, and it does things other power supplies can't.

The GoPlug Smart Power Bank connects to an APP on your smartphone, enabling features that will forever change the way you power mobility. When batteries die, productivity should not.

GoPlug has also designed each bag along-side their revolutionary smart power bank so they work seamlessly well together. These products will keep users connected and increase productivity, leading to increased revenue and eliminate stress for unproductive, frustrated, on-the-go professionals who constantly run out of power.


While overall function of luggage and backpacks hasn’t changed in over eight decades, items carried in them have. By adding power and smart technology into GoPlug Bags, we have disrupted this archaic industry and become the new standard for what bags should be. A mobile app, combined with smart technology, gives travelers added security, enabling them to track their bag or find lost luggage, and added peace-of-mind with a movement alarm. Additional (unrevealed) GoPlug innovations will again set the gold standard for the market.


These are the only bags on the market with AC and DC power outlets perfectly suited for multiple bag options. Our suite of products is a perfect marriage between technology, style, and innovation.

Additionally GoPlug solves all problems consumers and Incumbents face.

Solutions to Consumers Problems:

  1. We have the only SMART Power Bank with 110V and 220V powering options and mobile app with a power management solution. Additional powering options include: 12V, 19V, USB, and docking port. The GoPlug SMART Power Bank literally can Power Anything. Anywhere.
  2. Multiple electronic devices can be powered simultaneously. A tablet can charge at the same time as a laptop and smart phone.
  3. Each bag was built alongside GoPlug’s SMART power bank to work seamlessly well together.
  4. The suite of products is modular and interchangeable. The power bank can integrate with each bag perfectly.
  5. GoPlug’s new innovation in SMART Power banks not only has every powering option designed for a mobile world, but we're also developing and partnering with companies to provide services with a subscription based revenue stream.

Solution to Incumbents Problems

  1. GoPlug is a well funded agile start-up. We don’t have the same risks bigger corporations have when developing new products.
  2. GoPlug’s innovation in SMART Power Bank with wifi builds user loyalty as well as reoccurring revenue with the monthly subscription model. Predictable revenue stream.
  3. GoPlugs suite of products allows users to purchase bags and accessories that integrate perfectly with other GoPlug products. It’s not a one-and-done sale. They come back for additional products and accessories.


Start-ups, like GoPlug, with smart technology and/or power integrated into bags, have begun emerging in this space. Trunkster, Bluesmart, Away, and Raden have received investments from private equity partners. Trunkster, a powered luggage start-up company, recently appeared on ABC’s SharkTank receiving a $1.5 million dollar investment from Mark Cuban at a $28M valuation— Nearly 30 times their YTD Sales. Bluesmart, a pre-revenue powered bag start-up, raised $14.5M in seed money in late 2015. GoPlug already has revenue of $250K and we’re estimating to close 2016 with an additional $4.2M in revenue.

We’re better than these startups for many reasons. Our tech is bleeding edge and we have more product offerings. Other competitive advantages include:

  1. Power offerings. We can power laptops, video projectors, refrigerators, TV’s, salad shooters… yes, salad shooters.
  2. Removable vs. Built-in. What happens when a $500 piece of luggage, with built-in tech/power, has a cheap handle and breaks? It happened to me— I was mad, and out $500!
  3. Innovations and Intellectual Property. We’ve developed (and are still developing) innovations the market will salivate over.
  4. Modular. Sometimes you need a bag. Sometimes you need power. Sometimes you need both. Need I say more?
  5. Suite of product offering. As my wife has taught me, there’s a bag for every occasion. Well, we’ve created a line of sleek, innovative, modular, high-quality products suitable for any occasion.
  6. We’re not just a commodity. We’re a necessity.


GoPlug is uniquely positioned with proprietary technology and design elements clearly established in the market. Power and Smart Technology are key drivers in the bag and luggage industry— GoPlug offers both. Conversations with executives at incumbent bag companies confirmed through their internal market research that the top four things consumers look for when purchasing bags/Luggage are:

1) Power

2) Smart Technology

3) Expandable Accessories

4) Suite with Modular/Interchangeable components

As you can see, every big player is suffering from the same problem driving the consumer market.

In 2015, the global luggage market generated about 31.62 billion U.S. dollars alone. This amount will double by 2020. Some key drivers are:

  • Innovation in Product Design and Quality
  • Demand for Stylish Bags and Small Carry-On Bags
  • Popularity of Backpacks among students
  • Increase of Tourist Traffic and Air Travel Worldwide



3 Issued Patents
6 Employees
$250,000 Sales
1,023 Users

Pitch Deck


  • 2017 CES Innovation Award Honoree

    January, 2017
  • Design Patent Issued

    November, 2015
  • Design Patent Issued

    July, 2015
  • Utility Patent Issued

    October, 2015


A. V.
A. V.
National Geographic / Photographer
"Joshua, who I met at CES this year has developed an incredible remote battery/solar and backpack system. It's much better than goal zero and every other system I've seen. Super compact and big charge. This was a standout from everything there this year."
Jeff S.
Jeff S.
Kickstarter backer
"Awesome Job Josh. I debated several times to get a refund, but something inside me told me to stick this one out. I am glad I stuck with you and rode this one out. I have seen countless campaigns fall apart and money lost and you did not do that. You fought and fought and won. I will be a supporter in the future and will buy only from you for this type of product. Thanks again Josh, you did this right and you have a customer now for life in me."
"The bags are made with high quality and of course the smart bank are sturdy and powerful. I am very happy overall. Completely worth it for the wait. Great job, Josh and team! "