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Simple, secure and viral hashtag-powered payments for good.

Washington, District of Columbia, US

mobile, ecommerce, social media, philanthropy, impact investing, charity, fintech, impact

Simple, secure and viral hashtag-powered payments for good.
$2,031,001 of $1.3M


$2,031,001 of $1,250,000
Convertible Note

Goodworld is raising $1,250,000 with a minimum reservation of $10,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • DC Innovation Program to match our Syndicate up to $975K +25% Carry
  • Backed by Nyca Partners, Camp One Ventures, FSV, & Chris Liddell
  • $1,500,000+ in donations, $2.86 in revenue per donor & 24.3% MoM CAGR

Elevator Pitch

At GoodWorld we have developed a social payments platform that is revolutionizing philanthropy and will change the way we pay for things in general. GW enables instant, secure, social payments.


18,000 Users
$900,000 Sales


Named one of Fast Company World's Most Innovative Companies in the Social Good Category alongside Facebook, Toms & Warby Parker

July, 2016

Named Washington DC's Best Tech Startup 2015 at the Capital One Timmy Awards

July, 2016

Winner of 50 On Fire, a collection of companies, CEOs, startups and entrepreneurs that are driving the innovation economy.

July, 2016

$1,500,000 Donations through GoodWorld. 24.3% MoM CAGR, resulting in $2.90 net revenue per donor

July, 2016

2,450 strategic & charity partnerships including National Geographic, the Crown Royal, PBS, UNICEF, United World Way & USO

July, 2016

D.C. Department of Securities, Insurance & Banking committed to match up to $975k of money raised on our syndicate

July, 2016

Out of Beta

May, 2015

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