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GoFind Inc.

GoFind Inc.

GoFind Inc. develops , manufactures and sells enhanced GPS personal platforms under the brand names GoFindR™ and NudgeR™.

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Company Overview

GoFind Inc. Overview June 2018

GoFind Inc. has been in business for over three years. We have successfully launched a GPS tracker system for the pet market. This platform was developed utilizing a 3G network supported by AT&T. Our major competitor utilized the same chip set as we have for our product. They were acquired by a major pet food supplier for $125M.

When we started GoFind, we realized that there were about seven-to-eeight vertical markets for low cost, highly efficient personal GPS tracking systems.

The market which presents a significant opportunity is the PERS (also referred to as Medical Alert) market place. This is the personal emergency response system for elderly and otherwise physically or mentally impaired people. Think of the “I have fallen and can’t get up” market.

We need to re-spin the hardware utilizing the latest cellular technologies. Our hardware architecture design is complete, antenna designs are being tested and we are ready to proceed to printed-circuit-board (PCB) layout for prototype testing.

The firmware that was developed for our existing product will transfer to the new design. We will need an additional effort to enhance some of the functions such as adding gait length to the accelerometer portion, pressure sensor/accelerometer for falls and other features. The existing firmware is approximately 80% complete.

The existing application for IOS and Android phones will transfer directly over to the new platform for the APERS (Artificial Intelligence PERS) market with some added features which will include activity screens, medication and appointment reminder settings, alarm notification settings, and a voice recorder. This is about 95% complete.

The back-end server system (our GoFind Cloud) including data collection, billing and response feedback is 85% complete for this market.

The feedback loop utilizing Amazon’s Alexa (or others such as Google and Apple) for vocal response and requests has been prototyped and a working demo is complete. This overall function will still need additional engineering support to finish the final version.

Target Beta markets have been identified but will need resources to finalize and to expand the opportunities.

Manufacturing resources including sourcing of materials have been established. We have been able to negotiate 90-day terms for our supply chain.

On the marketing side, our web site will need to be updated to include the NudgeR product and specific advertising programs still need to be established. These will be completed well in advance of product launch.

The present Market for PERS products is $1.85 Billion growing to $11.1 Billion in 2025 in the USA alone.

GoFind Inc. minimum revenue goal is $100 Million by Year Five. Our fast-forward plan calls for over $250M in the same time frame.

We have four patents pending.


PERS: personal emergency response system

CATM-1: LTE network minimum data only, very low power

IoT: Internet of Things

APERS: Artificial intelligence personal emergency response system

Amazon Alexa: Amazon’s voice response system

NudgeR: GoFind Inc. branded and trademarked product for the APERS market


5 Employees

Pitch Deck


  • 4 Patents Pending

    June, 2018
  • APERS device architecture completed and product design efforts started.

    May, 2018
  • GPS tracker market introduction and initial sales.

    November, 2017
  • Carrier certifications received and release to production.

    September, 2017
  • 2nd Generation Tracker development completed and released to beta testing.

    April, 2017
  • First GPS tracker engineering prototypes with Alpha firmware delivered. Proof of Concept and Antenna Development

    May, 2016
  • Company founded and incorporated in Delaware.

    April, 2015


Phoebe Li
Phoebe Li
"Two years ago, my 96 year old grandma, went for a walk in the park. She had a minor stroke, lost consciousness, and fell on a rock. People nearby called the ambulance and she was sent to the ER, however, our family wasn’t informed until 4 hours later. She recovered from the fall, but we don’t feel safe letting her go out alone. If we had the NudgeR from GoFind, we could monitor her situation all the time and wouldn’t be so worried. Looking forward to NudgeR’s availability."