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Celebrity Greeting Cards for Change

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Company Overview

With over 25 A-list Celebrities already on board with a reach of 60 + million, early investors Dan Caldwell (Tapout) & Damond John (Fubu & Shark Tank) + 2500 pre-sales in a limited campaign we are on our way.

Here's just a few of our celebrities already on board.

Chris Evans - Captain America Norman Reedus - Walking Dead Adam Lambert - Lead Singer of Queen Will.I.AM - Black Eyed Peas Nathan Fillion - Castle Dianna Agron - Glee Fergie Black Eyed Peas Nina Dobrev Vampire Diaries

Click to see them all sharing their support of giveStars. (link)

What is giveStars?

giveStars is the place to get your customized celebrity audio greeting cards. We've partnered with A-List celebrities to create a greeting card like no other. You can get yours or your friend or loved ones favorite celebrity actually saying their name and the holiday or occasion being celebrated in a beautiful greeting card. In the giving spirit we take it a step further by donating 100% of profits from each greeting card to the cause that celebrity cares about most.

Why did we start giveStars?

All of the founders have a background in Hollywood and have enjoyed differing levels of success. We wondered if there was a way we could leverage our relationships to make a large impact in the world. Kind of like how the for-profit company Newmans Own has done.

Human connection is paramount to a healthy level of sanity. The greeting card has served as a direct personal connection of caring and love for generations as over 6 billion cards are sold in the US alone every year. We would like to provide a unique way to share the love at the same time raising massive awareness and funds for worthwhile causes around the world.

How do we make money?

Although we are committed to giving 100% of our greeting card profits to our celebrity's favorite charity here's how we make money.

1. The Brand

Our goal is to have every A-List celebrity attached to giveStars. By establishing relationships with top talent worldwide we believe a level of equity is ingrained in our brand.

2. Ancillary

Many of us buy a greeting card to share our personal feelings and purchase a more utilitarian gift to accompany the greeting card. With that in mind we will be offering ancillary products such as candles, coffee/tea, gift cards, celebrity memorabilia and more.

3. Advertising

We've all heard that phrase "eyeballs = dollars". We will introduce a profitable, non-intrusive advertising model.