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Streamlining the booking process between live entertainers & venues.

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Company Overview

Gigwell is changing the way live entertainment is booked globally. We're the first all-in-one booking platform to streamline the gig booking process between live entertainers and venues (musicians, comedians, public speakers). We provide a simple solution for buyers and sellers to connect, manage artist availabilities and travel logistics, negotiate contracts, and collect online payments.

Leveraging a global network of 35k+ live entertainers and talent buyers, Gigwell is hyper-tailored to the workflow of a $200B industry that is still predominantly operating on excel spreadsheets and word documents.

Gigwell has been featured in Billboard, TechCrunch, DJ Mag, Hypebot, DJ Times, Magnetic Magazine and was awarded the Technology Innovation award from both SF Nightlife Awards and the SF MusicTech Tech conference.


8 Employees
45,000 Users
$100,000,000 Transaction Volume

Pitch Deck


  • $100 million in gig bookings executed on Gigwell platform.

    October, 2017
  • Gigwell reaches 40,000 gigs booked on platform.

    August, 2017
  • Gigwell reaches 30,000 live entertainers and venues on platform.

    February, 2017


Julia Torgovitskaya
Julia Torgovitskaya
CEO, Cadenza Artists
"We spent years searching for a solution that would integrate our entire booking process into a single platform and finally discovered Gigwell! Gigwell has been a huge productivity booster for Cadenza and we are so grateful for their seamless system and supportive team. Thank you, Gigwell!"
Chad Sheppard
Chad Sheppard
Senior Agent, Nahpro Entertainment
"Gigwell has changed my life! We experienced rapid growth with our business and I was falling rapidly behind. Then we found Gigwell. This platform has given me my freedom back and allowed me to get back to booking. "
Si Chai
Si Chai
Founder & Creative Director, Diplomats of Sou
"We've never received so many signed contracts until we started using Gigwell! What used to take us weeks, now takes us just a few days. "
Jessie Halsey
Jessie Halsey
Owner, The Arcana Agency
"Gigwell had made my life so much easier. They simplified the booking process, made it easy to accept payments, keep track of bookings, organize logistics, and send contracts. "