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Gravitas Infinitum

Gravitas Infinitum

We are a Health & Wellness Holding Company (HWHC)

Company Overview

Gravitas Infinitum is a Health & Wellness Holding Company (HWHC), vertically integrating health and wellness companies & products from farm to market.

Focused on Nutraceutical products at the core, we integrate growing of known crop varieties rich in extractable proteins, lipids, and fibers.

We process them into various isolated and refined products which are blended and mixed into 100's of nutraceutical brands. All are sold and marketed through multiple channels globally.


Cash Flow Positive

Pitch Deck


  • Capital Raise started

    June, 2019
  • Private Placement Memorandum and business model started

    January, 2019
  • Sweet spot criteria is established and target search started, 360 companies, short-listed to 117, with 4 entered into preliminary diligence

    November, 2018
  • Gravitas Infinitum is formed as a micro Berkshire Hathaway model holding company to acquire Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturing Companies

    May, 2018
  • Analyzed a lack of mid-market inventory in Private Equity & Hedge fund buying. A conglomerator of micro-caps is needed.

    February, 2018
  • Thesis is established on Baby-Boomer lack of succession plans, and how they have great micro-cap companies.

    July, 2017


David Klippel
David Klippel
Director, Business Value Services at Palo Alt
"Allen is the consummate technology visionary & serial entrepreneur. His development thinking is ahead of the market, but grounded in the practicalities of funding and running a technology enterprise and bringing it to market. Allen is always looking for the operational improvements that differentiate complex technologies from customer orientated solutions. An inclusive manager who seeks guidance from a wide range or sources and is able to hammer out cohesive strategies that teams are able to rally behind! "
Jack Makowski
Jack Makowski
Market Development Manager
"As a direct report to Allen for 5+ years, I had the pleasure of being part of various new product and new market ventures in a very high paced and dynamic work environment. Once, maybe twice, in your life you have the opportunity to work with someone like Allen Witters. He is a rare individual who can effectively blend his heightened technical, visionary leadership and entrepreneurship skills to make a big impact. Allen is one of those one-in-10 million who can create real value from nothing."
Vel Angamuthu
Vel Angamuthu
IT Director at Collins Electrical
"Allen is a product/service visionary that helped land high profile customers and raised around $1 Billion. Allen has the ability to dream up multiple product/service ideas and work with his team in record time to come up with product/service solutions using technologies available in the IT market place. Some of his best product/service ideas were transformational or disruptive technologies/ideas for the media industry have been used for over 20 years. Allen is a passionate and inspirational leader!"