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Trampoline Park - Los Angeles

Trampoline Park - Los Angeles

Pro Forma +12% Dividend, paid quarterly. $7.5M Revenue, 55% Margin. Now 48 parks. Investment will also generate an increase in asset value.

Los Angeles, California, US

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$7,025,000 of $2,800,000

Trampoline Park - Los Angeles is raising $2,800,000 with a minimum reservation of $25,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • Operating Asset with 12%+ Pro Forma dividends
  • The brand is a successful Operator Owner with 48 Parks opened to date
  • Strong Trackrecord and cashflows with healthy monthly dividend payouts

Elevator Pitch

The brand is building on its strong track record with 48 existing trampoline parks opened to date. Our investors obtain stable, consistent monthly high dividends and an increased asset value.


4500 Users
30 Employees
$7,350,000 Sales
12% ROI
Cash Flow Positive


The brand opens up the world's largest Trampoline Park in Los Angeles and has several thousand Facebook followers before the opening.

November, 2016

For the right investor, it is now possible to acquire 51%.

December, 2016

We are now oversubscribed with 105% and will allow for a larger participation and more shares to be sold.

December, 2016

We are now allowing for more shares to be sold due to a very large interest buying in as a owner to this Trampolin Park. Ensure that you ge

December, 2016

Thanks to the large investor interest in we have decided to open up additional equity for sale. Currently 129% subscribed.

January, 2017

The Park is gaining more visitors by the day, as is the Campaign. We are still accepting investments.

March, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

When can I expect to start receiving dividends?

The Pro Forma targeted dividend will be paid out on a quarterly basis and will be announced by the brand at the end of each quarter following a successful ramp up.

Why are you selling shares in an already existing and cash flow generating business?

Instead of raising capital for future parks by allowing ownership into those parks, we analyzed the various risks and benefits of an investment from the investor perspective. Since every investor wants to have a maximized return with a minimized risk, we came up with the model to sell shares in an existing and cash flow generating park, which also is the largest in the world. By doing that, we could offer both the high returns, while significantly minimizing the risk of the startup phase, potential delays and in worst case default. The concept is proven with 47 parks built before, but during establishment everything can happen, and we therefor wanted to offer an already operating and revenue generating park toward our investors.

You state that you don’t need to raise capital or reach a certain threshold in this capital raise. Why is that?

Since the park is already funded and in operations and no more investments are needed for this park, we don’t need to raise any capital for this park. The reason we are raising capital is to be able to build other parks, and we wanted to offer a much more risk mitigated investment toward the investors per the previous Q&A question. This also means that each investor will start receiving dividend from the date of their investment.

How certain can I be of the operations and likelihood of success?

The brand is the pioneers in the business and built the first trampoline park. They currently have 48 trampoline parks and they are vertically integrated with owning both manufacturing and R&D. The brand builds trampoline equipment for other brands in the market place and therefor get both a competitive advantage on cost for maintenance, get all the latest features and equipment, which continuously is integrated into the parks. They also keep new releases and features for themselves for a period of years before they release similar concepts to competitors. Every park is cash positive and generates healthy dividends. This park in LA, is the largest park in the world and is already showing great results and is expected to be the best performing park in the world as well.