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Trampoline Park - Los Angeles

Trampoline Park - Los Angeles

Pro Forma +12% Dividend, paid quarterly. $7.5M Revenue, 55% Margin. Now 48 parks. Investment will also generate an increase in asset value.

Los Angeles, California, US

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Company Overview

Executive Summary

Pro Forma dividends +12% annually and paid out quarterly with an increase in asset value. We do not need to reach a certain threshold in equity sales, since the park is already fully funded and operational.

This opportunity is for the Investor looking for a solid, consistent quareterly income with high yield, without being tied to a risky stock market index, nor wants to invest in a CD or bond that yield 1% per year. It is not for type of investor looking for a "home run" or to risk money into a new venture. This if for the investor looking for a solid quarterly income from a proven, stabilized business generating Pro Forma yield of +12% APR.

The Trampoline Park is the 48th successful Trampoline Park and

opened it's doors in November of 2016. The LA Park is the largest Trampoline Park that has been constructed to date in the world at over 40,000 square feet of indoor space. Historically this brand's Parks have been built in demographics with 200,000+ inhabitants of the target demographic within a 10 mile area and being very successful businesses

The LA Trampoline Park has over 2,000,000 inhabitants of the target demographic within the same 10 mile radius. Based on historical performance of the other 47 existing locations that have been opened, this park is geared to be the best success story to date. The LA Park has a max capacity of over 500 jumpers where the average park has ~150 to 200 jumpers as it's max capacity.

As a shareholder you will receive predictable cash flow every quarter which to date has averaged 12%+ in yields per park when utilizing the same Pro Forma metrics as in the attached percentage of capacity calculations in each market.

This brand is the leading brand of trampoline parks in the country, with its corporate headquarters on the West Coast. It was founded by the industries leading trampoline expert in manufacturing, safety, and innovation, the brand has over 25 years experience in the trampoline industry.

They have reputation of cutting edge, customized parks with the highest level of safety. The brand currently operates 48 parks in 20 different cities; and intend to build an additional 60 parks over the next 5-7 years in both domestic and foreign markets.

In the cities in which we do business, the trampoline parks offers a variety of entertainment and recreation options for children, families, businesses, athletes, and communities. We offer school field trips, family and youth recreation, birthday parties, dodge ball and basketball leagues, fitness programs, corporate, church and community events, athletic training, and more.

The objectives are to:

  1. Own and operate the safest, most innovative trampoline parks in the country.
  2. Continue to be the brand of choice in the trampoline park industry.
  3. Build 10 new parks per year under the brand.
  4. Own and operate park in every major city in the USA.

Park Management Structure

Each park is managed by our management company, and is led by a Park Manager who has discretion over the day-to-day operations of the park. Park Managers are responsible for all hiring and marketing decisions at the local level using the assistance of the management company. Each Park Manager will hire the following at their discretion and within their personnel budget: Assistant Manager(s), Front Desk Operators, Air Traffic Controllers (Safety Monitors), Party Specialists, and Janitorial Personnel. Park Managers are also given operating budgets in which they must maintain and properly account for monthly.


4500 Users
30 Employees
$7,350,000 Sales
12% ROI
Cash Flow Positive

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The brand opens up the world's largest Trampoline Park in Los Angeles and has several thousand Facebook followers before the opening.

November, 2016

For the right investor, it is now possible to acquire 51%.

December, 2016

We are now oversubscribed with 105% and will allow for a larger participation and more shares to be sold.

December, 2016

We are now allowing for more shares to be sold due to a very large interest buying in as a owner to this Trampolin Park. Ensure that you ge

December, 2016

Thanks to the large investor interest in we have decided to open up additional equity for sale. Currently 129% subscribed.

January, 2017

The Park is gaining more visitors by the day, as is the Campaign. We are still accepting investments.

March, 2017


To find a revenue and cash flow generating business that generates a Pro Forma +12% in dividend is exceptional in today's market. That the management decided to sell ownership in an existing park, instead of a park to be built is very positive and investor friendly, since they then remove the risk for the investor.
Roger Stevenson Fund Manager
Roger Stevenson
Since I only invest in proven growing businesses and companies with a track record that pays out steady dividends, The Los Angeles Park satisfied my criterias for investment with their 48 existing locations and successful operations.
John Doyle CPA
John Doyle


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