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Artesian Aquifer - Water Bottling Project in Germany

Artesian Aquifer - Water Bottling Project in Germany

Earn average annual dividend of 61%. Starts from 4% in Year1. 1830% ($134 million) dividends over 30 years based on pro-forma financials.

Company Overview

A high dividend and growth investment: Artesian water, Germany, Europe. Enables effective diversification strategy. A long-term investment. Water ready for bottling. Pipe and Pumps already paid for by government, 30-year government license to bottle up to 312 million litres of water annually from Artesian Aquifer.

Part 1: Executive Summary / Company Overview

German Water Bottling Company ("GWBC") looks for financing for a Water Bottling Project with water source from artesian aquifer which lies beneath a sparsely populated green area.

The pipe to pump the water has already been built and paid for by the government and requires a minor extension to reach the land where a bottling factory can be built.

GWBC has a draft contract and agreement of authorities to grant a 30-year license from German Water Authorities to buy 1 million litres of water per day, with a maximum of 20 million litres of water per month at a price of EUR 1.36+VAT per 1,000 litres. The monthly maximum is upgradeable to 26million per month, and the price of the water is subject to limited price increase.

GWBC also has green light to buy the land on which to build the bottling factory.

The needed investment amount is $ 7.35 million / EUR 6.42 million (conversion at prevailing exchange rates). About EUR 3 millions are for the setup: buying land, building & bottling lines, as well as pre-operating costs. The remaining investment is to finance the first several months of business between the time needed to bottle the water and to sell it.

Pro-forma company financials for the duration of the license period are enclosed: USD $ 2.57 billion / EUR 2.26 billion of revenue and USD $398 million / EUR 349 million of net profit post company tax. 40% of GWBC is open to investors upon which the dividends from profits are calculated. Dividends available include the impact of the additional charge of dividend taxes before arriving to USD $134 million / EUR 117 million of profits.

GWBC is a given pseudonym. We can disclose the location of the water source and the name of the company with serious investors upon signing non-disclosure agreements. It is also possible to visit the location by any concerned investor.

The government extends the license to the private sector for a limited period. This opportunity is time-sensitive. In case of interest, please reserve at earliest chance.

[Available for download: 1. Financials over 30 years including derivation of investment amount, 2. Executive Summary & 3. Term Sheet.]

[Available upon signing Non-Disclosure Agreement & making investor reservation: Company and owner information including bank statement, images of water source, road and land reserved for the bottling hall,Water Bottling License Agreement Confirmation & Draft Contract.]