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GeoBanx is online bank for businessmen around the world

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Elevator Pitch

GeoBanx is online bank for businessmen around the world. All payment tools for international business in one app. Bank card. Internet acquiring. Crypto wallet. IBAN multi-currency account. Single KYC.

Company Overview

Who are we?

Hello. We are a team led by businessman Pavel Andreev, head of the WallStreetPartner consulting company. We are developing the online environment of the first state-of-the-art online Bank for entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The environment will have convenient functionality and the ability to open a multi-currency IBAN account, attach a Bank card, a crypto wallet, and accept payments from the site (Internet acquiring).

Why it's important to you?

We want to collect all payment tools for international business in one application. This will help entrepreneurs use one service to solve problems with the complex process of opening a Bank account, issue a card, link a crypto-wallet and accept payments through the site.

We are developing a convenient service that will take only 1 hour to register. Other advantages include the following points: a single KYC, up to 10 companies per beneficiary, online registration without personal presence and paper documents, fast payments within an hour to more than 100 countries within SEPA and SWIFT, and a convenient service interface.

How can you help us?

You can become an investor or partner, a user, or test products. Besides, you can tell your friends about the project or post information about us on social networks!

What We Need & What You Get?

To develop the project and launch it, we need €1.5 million. These funds will be used to create a legal and technical framework for Geobanx. They will also go to the installation of card processing systems and cryptocurrencies, development of mobile applications, programs for connecting Internet acquiring, crypto-acquiring. Funds are also required for opening accounts, joining Swift, connecting to KYC, Sepa, and the crypto exchange, purchasing cryptographic equipment, obtaining Internet acquiring licenses, and testing, marketing, and promotion.

The investment will pay off in 27 months, bringing investors an income of 40% of the company's share.


  • Company launched

    August, 2018
  • Obtained necessary cryptolicences

    November, 2018
  • Developed crypto exchange service

    May, 2019
  • Exchange service open to clients

    June, 2019

Key Customers & Partners



Mike Hertig
Mike Hertig
CEO of Hertsolutions Ltd
"I became one of the first investors in the new online Bank GeoBanx. They have a great team. The team reports on the work done. Several services have already been created. I am proud that my funds went to development. I am sure that there are many interesting things ahead."
Ashley Freedman
Ashley Freedman
Business relationships manager Upidea LLC
"We constantly face difficulties when transferring money to our partners. We hope that the new online Bank GeoBanx can quickly transfer money and receive payment on the site. "
Mohammad Farrukh
Mohammad Farrukh
Owner of Deepmedia, Dubai
"As soon as I learned about this initiative, I immediately invested. I feel that this will make something worthwhile. Join."
Andreas Shweikhe
Andreas Shweikhe
Owner Duch &Do GmbH
"I have been looking for a project to invest in for the last 2 months. I knew for sure that I wanted something to do with finances. I stopped at GeoBanx, because I believe that such a multi-functional service will help business development. I called Pavel Andreev. I have already joined, and I am looking forward to the first results. "

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need only 1.5 M Euro? Why so little?

The Geobanx project lacks lending, deposits and sales of securities, which distinguishes us from a classic Bank No physical branches, we are an online Bank. All calculations and creation costs are shown in the Business Plan. We already have legal partners, as well as software processing. What we do already exists in the market to some extent and works successfully. We have only expanded the list of services and adapted them to the needs of our clients. Technical personnel (technical support, operators, software engineers) are located in countries with low cost of labor (Ukraine, Belarus). The main management office in the EU has 6 employees and does not require large expenses.

Why does it take only 12 to 16 months to launch a project?

The project has been under development since May 2018. Much of the work is already behind us. We have a ready-made registered company. Most of the team has been assembled. The necessary licenses have been obtained. The entire creation process is outlined in a Business plan with clear deadlines.

What is included in the minimum check from the client of 300 Euros?

Maintenance, account management (up to 5 companies, each subsequent one). Earnings on outgoing customer payments (minimum 3-5 payments per month). MasterCard rewards for using the card.

Why are we better than others?

Unlike competitors, GeoBanx contains all the necessary features for the most convenient business in a single application. We are an online business Bank for users from the world. We know our client well. Acquiring and crypto acquiring a built-in feature of buy, sale and exchange of cryptocurrencies Issuing a Bank card Multicurrency bank account It is possible to make transfers within the system only by phone number. All your companies are serviced and managed in one app. The entire process of opening an account takes 1 hour. No need to fly anywhere. Everything happens online, without paper documents or physical presence. We use the system of video verification (notarized all the documents on the video).

Risks & Disclosures

Obtaining many licenses depends on state regulators, so there is a risk of not investing in a certain time period (12 months).

The solution to such risks on our part will be that we agree in advance with all regulators. We pre-prepare all the necessary documents, and follow the business plan for the implementation of certain procedures.

There are many other ready-made solutions and competitors, but we are sure that the product will be popular. Many entrepreneurs from countries around the world face problems opening accounts in European banks.

We focus exclusively on business clients. Our background and experience allow us to offer the financial solutions that are necessary for a modern businessman.