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Log in via Social is an online marketplace singularly focused on the needs of the millions of people buying and selling used camera gear online.

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Elevator Pitch is a new online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling used camera gear. Think eBay or, but only for camera gear.

Company Overview

The current options for buying and selling used camera gear online are both limited and fragmented. In addition, there is currently no full-service platform that exists to serve this market. Buyers and sellers have limited options.

Gear Offer is an online marketplace singularly focused on the needs of the millions of people buying and selling used camera gear online. Our platform provides a full-service experience for both buyer and seller.

Gear Offer is built to service one market from the start and includes a growing set of tools that are unique to the needs of those buying and selling camera gear, like our camera pricing tool and in search of (IS0) list. The community is growing and Gear Offer will continue to become the canonical destination for buying and selling used camera gear.


  • 25.33% Google Adword conversion rate

    October, 2018
  • 38 seller accounts and 305 total accounts created

    October, 2018
  • 11 total transactions at an average of $570 / transaction

    October, 2018

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Previous Funding

  • $20,000 Equity
  • Raise Source: Self
  • June 2018

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This profile does not disclose all risks. This profile is a representation of the success Gearoffer LLC hopes to deliver but such promises are not guaranteed. Instead, it represents what management considers to be an ideal scenario.

Fundraising, market conditions or other unforeseen circumstances could alter the project scope and/or its implementation. This profile does not create any express or implied legal relationship with the reader, user or supporter. The most up-to-date information can always be learned by emailing the Co-founder, Anthony Snowell at

Unless monies are received, the terms of this round are subject to change at any time without warning.

The content/images in this profile are protected by copyright. Please contact us if you would like to reproduce anything. No unauthorized use, distribution, alteration, reproduction in any form and by any form is allowed without permission from Gearoffer LLC except in limited uses or short quotations in articles, reviews and certain non-commercial use permitted by US copyright law.

The Gearoffer LLC team uses its best endeavors to ensure that all the information here is accurate and that market projections are sourced from independent sources. However, Gearoffer LLC is not liable for any incorrect projections or market data shared in this profile or in the company's investment materials.


Each Purchaser will be subject to the risks associated with the business of Gearoffer LLC. We are an online marketplace and are subject to several challenges. The most difficult challenges can be found in the article published by