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Dundee, Dundee City, GB

startups, development, gaming, start up, online, software, social,, encryption, game design, graphical design, document design, coding, software programming, game developing

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Company Overview

GameX Solutions is a generator of unique startup ideas that turns into life. It is a professional team focused on growth in programming and achieving success in any level of task complexity. We are aimed at creating the corporation that will enable our customers to solve all issues related to programming or find answer for business creation in one place. Only hard work can give an excellent result and therefore we are working to solve all the difficulties that our customers would face. We know that the most important thing is in the details and we hone these details until they work like a Swiss watch because a real high-quality product consists of a million details.

GameX Solutions this is a close-knit team that works to make grate ideas be a part of live.


Foundation of the GameX Solutions company

March, 2017

The first idea of a startup - SKILL.CLICK

March, 2017

The Birth of the startup - Advert Rate

August, 2017

Completely ready project SKILL.CLICK to launch

December, 2017

Advert Rate project ready for start.

January, 2018

Completely ready working project Advert rate with 30% ROI

July, 2018


I had the opportunity to get to know the team and the founder of the company. Beautiful guys with very creative ideas. A team of professionals looking far into the future.
Lou Gentry Investor
Lou Gentry