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Recently Funded Deals

Crowdfunder has helped companies raise investment ranging from $250,000 in early stage Startups, up to larger rounds in more mature businesses of over $7,000,000.
Here are the companies who have successfully closed out their rounds on Crowdfunder.

Bitvore Closes Series A Round with Nearly $1M in Crowdfunding

Bitvore raised $4.5M in their Series A round where they crowdfunded almost $1M of it, including $435K from experienced investors on Crowdfunder. This allowed Bitvore to oversubscribe and extend their round.

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Jeff Curie

“We generated significant leads and closed substantial amounts of capital from experienced investors on Crowdfunder. The extra momentum we got from our investor activity on Crowdfunder had a profound, positive impact on our ability to close offline investors as well.”
Jeff Curie, CEO, Bitvore

TradeYa Closes $100K Investment in 3 Days on Crowdfunder

After trying AngelList, Gust and Seed Invest, TradeYa told us they chose Crowdfunder for their fundraise because we have the most robust support, easiest platform to use and most effective promotion tools.

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Jared Krause

"We raised $100K on Crowdfunder in 3 days to close out our round. Within a few hours of going live with our Deal we had a $100K commitment, which was in the bank a few days later. It was the fastest money I’ve ever raised.”

Jared Krause, CEO, TradeYa

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