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FP Angels

FP Angels

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Company Overview

FP Angels was formed to bring together the knowledge and experience of its investor members with the competitive advantages of today’s leading emerging companies. FP Angels consists of a group of individual accredited angel investors who typically invest from $50,000 to $500,000 in seed- and early-stage companies from throughout the nation. Our members invest either individually or form syndicate groups that invest as one unit within a company. As a diverse group of highly seasoned investor and industry executives, our members seek to contribute to the ultimate success of its portfolio companies through direct mentorship of its CEO/entrepreneurs, by opening their vast networks and by contributing their years of diverse experiences. We believe that success is ultimately harnessed when a “more-than-money” investment approach is employed.

FP Angels is not an angel or venture investment fund. Rather, it is an engine that allows our members to make individual investment decisions in an efficient, collaborative-based approach through its discovery, due diligence, investment and monitoring processes. By employing such diverse skills and experiences, FP Angels seeks to invest in a broad base of industries that includes expansive growth and innovation. Our meetings take place each month both in person and virtually for both the members and entrepreneurs who are invited to present.