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The world's first golf bag hydration system and multi-accessory unit.

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Company Overview

ForePack is a detachable golf bag accessory. The first of it's kind, ForePack takes four separate golf components and integrates them into one unified pack. ForePack is a hydration system, mobile charger, protective rain cover, and storage unit that seamlessly integrates with any golf stand bag.


ForePack's most notable feature is an easy-to-use hydration system. The hydration system ensures golfers’ favorite beverages are always within reach for easy, hands-free access. An assortment of storage compartments keeps all golfing essentials in place. Plus, a built in “Power Pocket” offers users the ability to charge their smart devices while on the course. A durable, water-resistant cover is stitched into the unit to protect golf clubs from rain and other inclement weather conditions, while the glove anchor creates a convenient and secure place for users to store their glove in between holes.

We developed ForePack because:

  1. Hydrating on the golf course has always been limited to the use of plastic water bottles. One or more bottles are stored in and accessed from the players golf bag.
  2. Plastic water bottles are inconvenient, wasteful, and expensive.
  3. Hydration systems are widely used across a variety of sports (biking, hiking, trial running, and others). This concept has not yet been adopted into golf.

ForePack helps golfers stay hydrated in the most convenient way possible.

By integrating a hydration system into a players golf bag we eliminate the need for plastic water bottles on the golf course. A reduction in water bottle waste promotes a "greener" game and environmental sustainability both on and off the golf course.



  • There is no product like ForePack available in the golf market today. ForePack has no competitors
  • Filed patent - United States 20150320187
  • Target market identifies with the need and utility for ForePack.

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