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Festev is a real time list service for local parties+private group messaging

Why We Started This Company

As a world traveler, I would arrive at a city and not have up-to-date info on things to do or things that are happening in that city. I have missed many great events because that info was on some esoteric website or simply because I didn't meet the right people who knew. This was a polar opposite of my experience living in Miami where I had party promoter friends who would send me emails/alerts about upcoming parties and would give me free entry to clubs & invites to VIP/Private parties.

What Sets Us Apart

No other website does what Festev does. Our party report format provides real-time visibility into what's really going on at a party or event. Is the party "En Fuego" or is it a "Yawner"?

Our Keys To Success

Technology. Intellectual property. Continuous innovation. Market need. First to market.

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