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Fenton hall

Fenton hall

We are a feel good investment company all are projects are made to make you feel good ,and make a change to the world we live in .

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Company Overview

We call ourselves a “feel good investment company” by this we mean all our projects are Environmentally , ecology , ethical, sustainable and socially responsible , Our projects don’t just make a difference to you but a impact on the future of many people and the entire world .

Our Projects are based in Morocco, Africa. There’s clearly an abundance of plastic around the world. This is doubly true in Morocco, With European countries also dumping waste within Morocco there is a extra amount of plastic waste there.

We are socially conscious and understand our social responsibility.

Your investments create long-term employment and help us invest in training the next generation.

What our project will do is take plastic bottles and turn them in to a use able clear material , which will be imported in to the European market where manufactures will use the "pet Flake" to make food and drink containers .

We have Local government approval, and sign letter of intent to purchase 50% of our production , we hope to expand this over the coming months , to make our maximum capacity.

Our Projects give you the golden opportunity to leave a positive impact on the world and yourself , if investments where here to make you feel good then this is the feel good investment company .

Our aim is to make a difference across as many different areas as possible over the next 5 years .