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Falcon Isle Resources, LLC.

Falcon Isle Resources, LLC.

Organic Phosphate Fertilizer for Sustainable Agricultural Productivity to Grow Healthier Organic Food for the World.

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Company Overview

Falcon Isle Resources, Inc. is engaged in the development and processing of high-grade organic phosphate mineral resources, a key component for the organic fertilizer market, to help meet the world’s rising organic food demand. We accomplish these objectives through our commitment to increase sustainable agricultural productivity while maintaining and exceeding social and environmental responsibilities. Falcon Isle Resources, as a certified organic fertilizer manufacturer, is dedicated to the state of the organic agriculture, poultry and dairy demand. Certified organic by OMRI, WSDA and CDFA.

  • Phosphate is one of three primary crop nutrients required for plant growth. There are no substitutes for phosphate, which is a key element of Manufactured and Direct Application Organic Fertilizer.
  • A near term cash flow project in the rapidly expanding Organic Agricultural/Food Market.
  • Falcon Isle’s organically certified phosphate is the highest grade organic rock phosphate in the entire United States with an Available P205 percentage that is 3x higher than any other US organic rock phosphate company.
  • The organic food market is growing at double digit rates annually (15% to 20%) with increase demand for organic fertilizers required to help meet this growth.
  • Projected to hit $5MM EBIT in five years.
Key Drivers for Organic Phosphate Demand
    • Increase of Wealth and Nutrition
    • Increase of Healthy Life Style and Eating Habits
    • Increase in Demand for Organic Foods and Poultry
    • Decrease in Arable Land
    • Increase in Population
    • Shortage of Organically Certified Phosphate
    • Concerns over Chemically Processed Commercial Fertilizers and its Impact on the Environment

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